Uhmah Park

This Is What Happens When…

Products For Weenies: Awethumb

If by chance, you were sitting around one day, wondering if you were a weenie. Well I have the perfect test for you. If you think you might get great use out of this product, then there is a 99% chance you might be a weenie. With a 1% chance for special circumstances. I cant think what any of those special circumstances would be off hand. I dont know, maybe if you keep burning your fingers on your blunts and they temporarily hella sensitive… and you need to send a text message. Watch the video for an explanation. Text could […]

If this is hot, then Im proud to be lame

I got high as possible so I could come back to this and laugh at it as much as possible. “is this whats hot in the streets these days??” I honestly cant help but wonder how many girls really find this appealing. Im sure its more than I think. However, I’d seriously hate to have to deal with any girl who did happen to find this appealing. For reasons I wont even bother to get into lol. Mainly because, its not that “I cant stop laughing at this”. Its like, Im not actually laughing, but Im laughing uncontrollably on the […]

This Is What Happens When: You Wake Up High And Drunk, Still

This is what happens when you wake up high and drunk… still. Because you were getting high and drunk as hell maybe a hour or so earlier and you thought you was about to sleep it off, but you woke up prematurely for some reason. This is what happens: video://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsG0_w69Ykc You know what I think happen? I think maybe if he could possibly fly, his powers were stripped from him when he made the fucking bird noise. LMAO Muthafucka super man could fly, he didn’t “caw” lmao. This commercial is the fucking GUTS!!! The first time I saw it, it […]

Being Too Wack For Ones Own Good. The K-Feezy Edition

This is what happens when youre percived as being too wack AND lame for your own good. “Somebody” put a hit on on this mans life. And for what? Because he’s wack? Thats a reason to take another persons life? Because he did Brittney Spears dirty? Because he is perceived as a male gold digger? I honestly dont understand why people hate this man sooo damn much? What did he really do to deserve so much hate? Im sure its nothing that most people couldnt have avoided if they put a little effort into it. In other words, if you […]

This Is What Happens When…

In China, the other day, a 30 year old man fucked around and dropped dead playing online video games. This man had apparently been playing for 3 days straight. Maybe if the keyboard didnt contain lead based paint and materials he would have made it for 5 days? yes? who knows… But I do know this: This is what happens when you have a little dick and nobody wants to fuck you. This is also what happens when people dont have shit else to do because the government is hella controlling. How is it that you really have nothing else […]