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Cavs Fans Are Jack Wagons

Ok, not all Cavs fans. But there is a new site up called Cavs Chants. A site that calls on Cleveland Cavaliers fans to try to make Lebron James return to Cleveland as miserable as possible. Let me tell you why this is the most pathetic shit Ive seen this week. Its not because there is an organized movement that calls for fans attending the game to laugh when Lebron is introduced. Not because they have a bunch of organized chants that mocks the shit out of Lebron. Not because the fans are obviously super butt hurt over him leaving the team. All […]

What Would Jesus Do?

The other day, My uncle asked on Facebook, “What Would Jesus Do?” And that got me to thinking… What would Jesus do if he came back one day? So I commented with this: He would probably do the following: Ask everybody who this jesus guy is. And what in the world is a J? Be mad at the catholics for killing him brutally and mocking his death thru pictures and imagery for hundreds of years. Wonder where all these light skinned jews came from. Im sure the holocaust thing would make him super sad tho. After y’all explain what a […]

The Working Stiffed

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Working Stiffed www.thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party So I was watching the Daily Show the other day and this skit comes on. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. I cant believe this dude actually agreed to this interview and let it be aired lol. This right here! Nigga this shit right here! Is what America is all about! Be mad at somebody for the same exact thing youre doing! THEN! Blame them for it! This couldnt be anymore hilarious. This was perfect lmao. […]

Stank You, Smelly Much.

… I think I’m on the right track now… I was talking on twitter with some one about anger. Alot of people dont know that I have/had a terrible anger problem. I would be completely furious and willingly unreasonable. I’d be mad, fully aware that my anger was causing me to be unreasonable and I did not care. Which, as far as I’m concerned isnt me. No matter how I feel about anything, I always want to make the smarter most effective choices for the given situation. My anger was fucking that ALL up. Most of my life. Im 31 […]

Do You Remember That Time – 1 Year Ago

1 year ago two things happen that were mind blowing. Micheal Jackson died, for 1. Which isnt really mind blowing. But the world was shocked. As a consequence of this man dying. The internet was officially over capacity. Twitter was fail whaling it up for over an hour. Facebook was timing out, it was digital pandemonium. As an “Internet Professional” I’ve never seen the internet shut down for any reason. It wasnt even this bad during and after 9-11. Im sure 9-11 would have done the same thing to the internet if more people were on the net back then. […]

Industry Rule #4080

Record Company People are SHAAAADDYYYYY, as told by Heuy Freeman: All these rappers talk about clappin this person and that person. But none of them niggas have even beat up some nerdy exec for ripping him off and jacking him for his art. lol Im just sayin. Reference for the know nots: http://www.youtube.com/v/lRrM6tfOHds&hl=en_US&fs=1& Jacked from: http://cathrynmarie.tumblr.com/post/465134781/via-moearora who Jacked it from: http://moearora.tumblr.com/

One Mans Left Hook, Is Another Mans Treasure

On the Moguldom Media Group blog, there is an article about how the Chris Brown / Rihanna fight has increased the traffic to Bossip.com by 28%. Of course meaning more ad revenue for them. The more shit that happens between them two, the more money they make. Me personally, I’m not mad at it at all. Hell, I wish I was making money off the shit myself. This also means, that EVERY little thing about these two will be reported and talked about as long as possible. The only way the general public will lose entrest or not care is […]

OJ, Youre Fuckin Dumb. An Ongoing Story…

so, i was minding my own business one day and i had a thought. so… lets say some random hick, decides one day that he wants to have sex with one of his farm animals. like yea ok… i been eyeing this sheep for a few days now. and i think imma have me a piece! and just like he says, he goes over to the sheep and its time to fuck him a sheep. naturally, the sheep has strong objections to what its owner is gettin ready to do. So one could assume, that the sheep…. is being FORCED […]

The Man League Scoring System

Im a male, I love women. I often talk about women with my friends and other males. This scoring system was developed from common factors that Ive heard males from every walk of life. All the special conditions and circumstances. All the points of views, needs and wants of guys every where have been packed and considered in this rating system. If you can find a hole in this system. I dont care. As far as Im concerned, this is the best thing there is and should be used often. Especially on the internet. The Man League Scoring System is […]