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OJ, you have to learn how to talk to people

Everybody I’ve loved in my life has told me this more than once “OJ, you have to learn how to talk to people” I typed all of this on twitter earlier. I dont know how. It apparently took two hours and I typed it on a touch screen phone. If you know me, you  know that I hate typing on a touch screen phone. Thats right, every tweet, text, instant message… I hate typing them out. I have big fingers, its frustrating lol. I dont know what made me… eh, I’m lying. I know what got me there. I felt […]

I value efficiency over most things.

I value efficiency over most things. One of the first things I ask my self when I evaluate any thying is “how well does this work”. My perspective says if something (any thing) doesnt work well, youre bound to fail eventually. I always see people buy things because its pretty or because its cheap. And most times it either breaks or doesnt work well or both. The out come can vary from “oh that sucks, oh well” to “its the end of the fucking world!”. But either way the outcome wasnt positive. When i think of Efficiency, i think of […]

The Big 6

I see my self as a person who believes in capitalism. I think its one of the greatest phenomenons the world has ever seen, ever. The other day, while scanning twitter, I saw this link somebody tweeted out. I think it was Liz ( @calinative ). It said “Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice (Infographic)”, this really sparked my interest. Side Note: after reading this whole infographic, i was stuck on this site for two hours lol. This infographic shows how 90% of the media consumed comes from 6 different companies. So what that means is there is 6 countries controling what […]

I Run The Military and Im in Your Hood!

I love all these uber ignorant Barack Obama parody videos. I dont care whos offended. This shit is AWESOME. I cant help it. The super funny part to me is, the President does get his thug on. For instance: Yesterday, was the Death Anniversary of Bin Laden, out of no where, Obama shows up in Afghanistan! Addressed the U.S. people FROM Afghanistan. He couldve done that from the White House. But he didnt. He went over there to say what he had to say. It wasnt a photo op with troops. He jumped on TV saying that he was still […]

Tyler Perry: How to be Successful

One thing people might not know about me is that Im always looking for something to motivate me, get me going, inspire me. Rather that thing be negative or positive, either way, Im with it. Earlier today, one of my cousins posted this to facebook. Im not a Tyler Perry fan and I dont watch his movies. Nothing personal really, those kinds of movies and shows just aint my groove. However, I decided to click on this video because it read “Tyler Perry: How to be Successful” … i figured, hey this man is rich and his movies make 1000% […]

Common v. Fox News

In this very long blog … article… entry… or whatever you want to call it, I am going to show how Black people are called “Niggers” in this day and age. So the other day, Im minding my own business, reading my twitter time line. When all of a sudden, I see different people talking about Common and Fox News and how Fox is the worst thing there ever was and they said all these mean/bad/untrue things about Common… yap yap yap. I was like damn, what happen? However, I didnt wanna know bad enough to actually go look for […]

For 90 years we’ve been trying to get more black men on TV

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Since I got a new gig that doesnt have its own office and TV, I’m forced to watch @TamronHall and my @MSNBC news over the net at the office. Quick Disclaimer, I love Tamron Hall, she is the whole reason I even discovered MSNBC. Anyway. The first 30 seconds of this video was HILARIOUS! Here they are talking about jails vs education spending, and most of the panel are Black men. As out of breath Ben Jealous is, he brings up some really good points lol. This man […]

Louis C.K. WAS going to say that the Pope fucks boys

The Daily Show – Louis C.K. Tags: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook This was probably one of the most HILARIOUS interviews I’ve seen on The Daily Show. It also just so happens, that Louis C.K. has a stand up called “Hilarious”… which lived up to its title. This interview, on the other hand, it started off funny as hell and ended even funnier! I cant believe I didnt post this when I first saw. But maybe I did, who knows. Anyway… towards the end of the interview, Louis wants to fit in that […]

The Winners Insperation

(This is the whole speech, its on a playlist with highlights at the end) A few years back, Micheal Jordan gave the most awesome Basketball Hall Of Fame speech I’ve ever heard ever. Not that I’ve listened to a bunch of them, but lets just say his was worlds better than the other 3 people who got inducted that day. He spoke on all the things that inspired him and pushed him to go above and beyond. At least thats what I heard. Some how his speech was put on the asshole move of the year chart with Kanye’s whole […]

Would you rather be under paid or over rated?

In “So Applauded” Jay-Z ask says and ask: I went from the favorite to the most hated or would you rather be underpaid or over-rated? moral victories is for minor league coaches and ‘Ye already told you “We Major” you cockroaches That made me stop and ask myself, which would I rather be? Well it didnt take too much time for me to decide that id rather be rich and over-rated. Why? Because if youre over-rated then youre automatically being over paid for whatever youre doing. Not only that, but nobody becomes over rated on accident. At some point you […]