Uhmah Park


Why I Believe That Juneteenth Is Important

I wrote this blog entry in 2009  (as you can see from the already published comments)  in response to me debating with some friends on twitter about the importance of Juneteeth. While me making my case I came up with half of this. The other half was lost in a data transfer a year or so later. When I discovered I lost half of this entry I decided to edit what I had and add everything I lost since I had a more expanded view of the world, learned new things and what not and so forth. I started that editing […]

Something Like A Heart Attack

So, 2 days before Xmas, I woke up and noticed a slight pain in my chest. It was enough pain for me to notice, but I thought I was about to catch a cold. I havent been sick in the last year, but i figured.. dah… I guess it was a good run. Let me take something to avoid catching this cold. Took something, kept it moving. Through out the day, the pain worsened. A LOT.  But I was determined to tough it out. I thought it would go away after a while. By around 3pm though, things go SUPER bad. I […]

O on Jay

No, I’m not talking about Obama on Jay Leno tonite, Im talking about me ( OJ ) … well I didnt exactly make the show. It just so happens that I was kinda working with a R&B group at the time. They were in town and asked if I wanted to come to the Tonite show and watch a taping. SURE! Why the hell not ?!? So here I am sitting there, I didnt know who was gonna be on the show or anything. I just knew who the musical guest was. Were all seated and this comedian guy comes […]