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All I wanted to do is create and have a good time. But, this is quickly forming into something I never would have signed up for from being accused of being racist to getting my pre-teen nudes leaked everywhere. I feel like this shit ain’t my cup of tea. Someone else want my job right about now? Im just gotta sip lean and disappear. THIS GAME IS FAKE AS ALL HELL!


lmao… #TheWrathOfBlackAmerica

Somebody needs to explain to this girl, IN PLAIN ENGLISH, Black people would NOT have a problem with her if that wasnt her stage name. Her real name is: Natassia Zolot. She could have gone with Tasha or some shit if she wanted to be…. “ethnic”. Nobody would say shit. She wouldnt get SO SO SOOO Hated on or anything like that. Thats a spin off of the name her mamma gave her. Thats cool, Black people would respect that all day long.  

But when you look at the name “Kreayshawn” You think its some ghetto ass black girl (possibly. you cant automatically assume these days), whos ghetto ass mamma gave her that ghetto ass name. When I first SAW the name on twitter, I assumed it was another wack female rapper that most people didnt like (as always), like Khia or somebody. Not only that, but to make another little minor point. Most black ppl say it “Cray-shawn” not “Cre-a-tion” like the spelling suggest it should be enunciated, because its a ghetto ass name. When I first saw her name on twitter, i totally skipped over the E, and thought the name was “cray-shawn”. Most people KNOW it should be “Cre-a-tion” but say “cray-shawn” anyway. Honestly, how many times have you seen “Kesha” spelled with an A? “Keasha” … I honestly thought the E was silent or some ghetto ass name explanation that people come with, when explaining why they named their child some ghetto ass name.

Here is the reason there is a dark cloud over this situation. Most Black people with ghetto ass names, dont really like their ghetto ass name. We only like our ghetto ass names because thats what our parents named us. Thats it thats all. It doesnt make us feel any Blacker or more hood. If u have a ghetto ass name, it doesnt award you more street cred, nothing. In fact, we tease each other about our ghetto ass names. A lot of more educated Black people would change their ghetto ass name if their mamma didnt give it to them. Or like me, my real name is O’Lester. If I wasnt named after my grandfather, I wouldnt like my name. Shit, if I ever tried to change it, my parents would fucking hate me!! FOREVER! So thats out lol. Its something you have to accept growing up. But it certainly isnt anything we, as a people, are super proud of. Its WELL documented that a ghetto ass name will provide you with a sizable disadvantage while seeking employment. I know plenty of Black people who will use a not so hood version of their name or their middle name on job applications, just to get a call back. So when some white girl, who clearly has hella Black friends, names HERSELF some ghetto ass name; when we already have a problem and are viewed a certain way, JUST BECAUSE OF OUR GHETTO ASS NAME that our parents blessed us with; Black people as a whole are going to feel some kind of way about that. Clearly those feelings are not positive lol.

If her stage name was different, none of this would be happening to her. she would just be another wack rapper. Wouldnt even be a big deal. Oh Well lol. We make our beds… we lay in them. Or sip lean and disappear lol

People It Must Suck To Be

Plexico Burress Is Either Shamless Or Lying

At least thats what I think. I’ll admit to being a tad ignorant to this whole case, Ive honestly been trying to ignore the shit. But since I black out with SportsCenter on most nights, I have been subject to this bullshit anyway. As hard as Ive tried not to listen, because… fuck man, who fucking cares? What ever the hell happen is surely not more important than highlights and Kenny Mayne antics. I can understand one segment a day. That would annoy me, but 3 and 4 segments is ridiculous!

However, I do have a wild theory. And since this is what every body is talking about, hell, I’ll talk about it too.
So here is the situation. Plexico Burress, wide receiver for the New York Giants… was at a night club. Apparently, he took a .40 Glock into the club. I guess they dont search celebs in NY. Not like celebs dont bring guns into the club in NY. Whatever, we will let that slide. So Plexico, has a gun on him. Tucked in his waist, in his sweat pants. Thats right, sweat pants. My question is… I understand this guy might be a dumb ass. But who wants to try to hold their strap up ALL NIGHT… IN THE CLUB. Youre a professional athlete, youre gonna be getting attention all night. All kinds of girls are gonna be rubbing their asses all on you. You have sweat pants on! A glock is gonna get in the way of alot of action. If youve been in the league for years, and have the fucking audacity to wear fucking sweat pants to the fucking club… then im sure you already know having a gun between you and some big booty girl is a bad idea.
Ok. So Plex is in the club, sweat pants, gun in waist. Apparently he was drunk, had some drinks… had a drink in his hand. The gun began to slip. This guy shoots his self in the leg. Nothing serious, just a flesh wound. bullet basically grazed him, and isnt still in him at all. As far as I know at least. And then since would be law up holders in New York / New Jersey are ASSHOLES for the most part. The police decided to arrest him on weapons charges.
But when the news first broke, nobody said anything about Plex shooting himself. All this comes out after he has to explain why he was in the hospital with a gun shot wound. If he told the police that he shot his self at the hospital, then shouldnt that have been the first report out? The police are interviewing everybody who was there, why? The people they want to interview, dont wanna talk, why?
I used to own a glock, and I know what it takes to fire one. Its super hard to pull the trigger on accident. Thats why its a Glock. They dont have a traditional safety. Your finger has to be all the way through the trigger part (i cant remember what its called). And you have to pull the trigger all the way back. The safety is in the middle of the trigger, for that purpose. 
Another thing. To me, Plex doesnt look like he is taking that walk of shame. If you just shot your self in the leg, there is no way you dont feel like a total jack ass. With the cameras flashing, the fact that you ALSO think youre a dumb ass is gonna show up on your face.

To me, this look like somebody that is taking a L, trying not to snitch. I think everybody know what happen. I dont know what could have possibly happen. Im not sure. I just have a ton of doubt. I say somebody is lying. Maybe somebody was after him, thats why he had the gun. And that person shot him and missed and everybody is scared to tell. I dont know. Something better than I shot myself like a dumb fuck. Either that or this man is super shameless. Which is also possible. I mean, anybody celeb that isnt Shaq should not be rolling around in your uncle leeotis’s van on rims equipped with satellite TV. Oh, Im bullshiting?

LOL what the fuck man. Im not saying that every star has to roll some flossy shit. But what the fuck is this all about. I have to hear this. I bet its just as funny as the story about the time he shot his self in the leg like a dumb fuck because he wore fucking sweat pants to the club and his strap slipped down his leg. IF this man REALLY did have a gun in his sweat pants. Im kind of mad he didnt shoot his self in the dick. Or the bullet didnt graze a ball or some shit. That would have been the ultimate lesson teacher. If anybody that rolls a fan like this and has this bullshit chin hair. Im sure the most valuable thing he got out of this was to not wear sweat pants and carry while trying to carry a gun. Next time, he will wear jeans. But maybe him and PacMan are trying to out dumb each other. Who knows. Maybe next time he might hot box the van in front of a elementary school and sell nicks out the window, but giving shot gun hits to the kids as testers for the quality of weed he is slangin.

Anyway. Im just sayin. Its possible. lol

People It Must Suck To Be

Yea, I’m Laughin

So earlier, Resha (my joke/cruelty enabler)  tells me about some lady that died at her wedding during the first dance. My first reaction was, like DAMN! thats hella rough!! I cant even imagine going through no shit like that!
Then there was a video attached to it… click here.

Well, the first thing I noticed is that the lady that died was kinda big. So I was thought to my self…. hm, wonder how she died? Unfortunatly I couldnt hear shit with the video, but Resha did go on to tell me that ol girl had diabeties.

So the first thing I thought was damn!? Two fat people got married, and one of them died from a fat person problem no less than an hour into the marriage. Poor fella!

But that isn’t how she died. So I guess she passed out, and they assumed it was because her blood sugar was low, so they proceeded to dump sugar down her throat. So what she ended up dying from, was her friends pouring sugar down her throat and suffocating her. Cold shit. However, I couldnt help but laugh just a little bit. Why?

Because… she was a big girl, probably passed out. Diabetic so she probably passed out from dieting too hard and trying to get in that wedding dress (im making assumptions). And then what does this big girl die of? Sugar down her throat. If you dont see the irony in that. Then I honestly feel sorry for you. Actually, no I dont, I hate you go away. So anyway… thats kinda why I laughed to begin with. I still do find the whole thing tragic as fuck. My heart really does go out to the groom. I mean, fuck…  Imagine how he feels. I didnt hear the report so I dont know who or how they found out she died from having sugar dumped in her mouth. But if it was one of her friends or family or somebody like that and they killed her trying to help her. JEEEEEEZZZZZ. There is about to be alot of not forgiving going on. But that shit still made me laugh. Sorry (not really – for the loss… yea tho lol.) Somebody made a dumb ass mistake tho. And somebody else is more than likely really pissed off about it is all I’m sayin.

Then here goes Resha telling me how they could have revived her “but they poured a buncha fuckin Domino Sugar down her throat”. For a split second I really thought these two big muthafuckas had Dominos cater their wedding.( Hey… worse shit has happen. ) Actually thats probably more of what I wanted to believe. I’ve actually never heard of Domino brand sugar either though. And of course I had to pretend like I was stuck on the thought, that i thought Dominos Pizza sponsored the wedding lol. I know she didnt say C&H on purpose. thats all I’m saying lol. How do you not take that? So yea, thats why I say she is an enabler lol.

But here is the burning question in my mind right now though.

Is this a case of the fat leading the fat? Or a super cold stereotype that went super bad??

I really cant make up my mind which i think it is. Either one is hella funny, because seriously… “pour some sugar in her mouth! That’ll work!” Anyway….

But I bet you’re asking your self right now. Why does he not feel bad about laughing at this shit? Well… you have to ask your self. Why feel bad? If you thought it was REALLY that sad, you wouldnt have laughed in the first place at ALL. Please dont use my Black ass as a scape goat either “well you was making remarks n shit OJ! You made me laugh! You’re evil!!” No… I didnt make you do shit. First of all, if you read this, you could have stoped a long ass time ago lol. Second of all… If what I’m saying, is so evil, then why you laughing? Why aren’t you pissed and appalled that I could say such things? Because you think its funny too. You just want me to take on all the so called moral downside of laughing at the misfortunes and mistakes of others. If I was talking about some shit you REALLY didnt think was funny. You wouldnt be laughing. Like if I was cracking 9-11 jokes or katrina jokes. Might not be as funny. Depending on how serious you took it of course. I’m pretty sure its not funny to the people that it happen to either. Im not that close to the situation. So yea, Im laughin. Just like somebody would be laughing at me if that shit happen to me.

Even if you’re by your self… Why try not to laugh if you think something is funny, just because you may be laughing at a retarded person being exploited or something. First of all, you’re fucked up if you’re doing anything in the scope of laughing. But dont try to surpress your laugh. Why? You already blew it! You think God is gonna notice you not laughing just because you’re trying to hold you’re laugh in. You think you can hide you’re laugh from God?
I can understand if maybe you’re trying to hold your laugh because the person you’re laughing at might be right there. But why waste your time insulting that persons intelligence by trying to tell a bold face lie, like naw, Im not laughin. Yes you are!! Just go ahead and let it out. Then apologize immediately, like hey I’m sorry for laughing (even if youre not) but that was kinda funny. Most times people understand. And if they dont, psh, fuck em. You probably dont wanna hang around nobody like that in the first place lol.

The only times where you probably shouldnt be laughing is if you run the risk of getting your ass whooped. Ive almost gotten my ass whooped a few times laughing at somebody that was really upset about the fact that I was laughing at them. Actually I DID get my ass whooped one time for laughing at somebody. It was fucked up though, because I wasnt laughing at him and he thought I was. And I was laughing when he ran up in my face and didnt know what the fuck he was talking about. And this nigga just started swinging lol. Thats another story tho, and I didnt take a tremendous L, but I took one lol. Still not as bad as it sounds. The other times though, if I would have ended up getting my ass whopped those times, it would have been pretty bad. One of those times would have been by a girl lol. She was a big ass girl. But still lol.

But back to this lady having a bunch of sugar poured down her throat. Who thought this was a good idea in the first place? Were there only like 10 people at this wedding, and NO ONE could figure out maybe this wont work. Another thing thats kind of alarming about this is this: SERIOUSLY… HEY! HER SUGAR IS LOW… PUT SOME SUGAR IN HER MOUTH!!? Im wondering if maybe she did that shit before in front of somebody. Because that is the WORST idea I’ve ever heard of ever. She was white, I’m sure she turned blue at some point. I dont get it.

lol I hope I have this story wrong….. kinda lol not really lol.

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Being Too Wack For Ones Own Good. The K-Feezy Edition

This is what happens when youre percived as being too wack AND lame for your own good.

“Somebody” put a hit on on this mans life. And for what? Because he’s wack? Thats a reason to take another persons life? Because he did Brittney Spears dirty? Because he is perceived as a male gold digger?

I honestly dont understand why people hate this man sooo damn much? What did he really do to deserve so much hate? Im sure its nothing that most people couldnt have avoided if they put a little effort into it. In other words, if you hate K-FizzelFashizzle, then its your fault, not his. Its really easy not to pay attention to tabliot news, I promise you that. Every time you log on to or or there is a little red x in one of the corners, of your browser so you can avoid all k-feezy news. Or just turn the gotdamn channel. But whatever… fuck it, you still hate K-Federally.

The other thing about this whole shit I dont understand is… How do people not see that When Brittney got with Kevin, Brittney wasnt stepping down just because she got with a dancer and she was the main talent. Brittney and Kevin have always been the same class of people. Fuck what class exactly that is. But my point is, they really do come from the same background, got a bunch in common, they the same kinda muthafucka. You can tell a number of ways.

1. she had TWO kids with this man.
2. She was all the way ready to support this man. not only support him, but his wack would be entertainment career as well.
3. everytime you saw her with him, they were HELLA happy. she was truely happy untilshe started cheating or whatever the problem was. im sure she didnt all of a sudden just realize he was a wack person or whatever his real problem is.

Fuck it, I could go on and on. But my point is still, they have always been the same person. What I STILL cant figure out is…. BRITTNEY IS REALLY JUST AS WACK AS HE IS AS AN ENTERTAINER! The only thing Brittney has on Kevin is she looks better half naked, even when/if she is a lil pudgy lol. She sing for shit, the level of her so called dancing skill is completely relative. Brittney is as good as her team is. Brittney wouldnt even be who she is if she just tried to come out before all the Disney Channel hype. If she just tried to come out with any one of her singles after the oops i did it again shit, she would currently be an after thought. There would be no great production and videos n shit. None of that.
Clearly these days though, her fucking team sucks all to hell, or she just stopped listening to muthaufckas lol. Im kind of in support of the latter, but in her defense, at some point every one get tired of being told what to do even if they are always wrong, at least they are making their own fuck ups and only they are responsible. I understand that fully.

I dont give a fuck how bad my life is going and how sick I am of muthafuckas telling me what to do though, im not gonna keep embarrassing myself. For instance. I eventually got spell check for my blog lol. Not that I use that shit all the time, but Im trying, fuck yall lol.

I actually almost feel sorry for Brittney sometimes, I couldnt take muthafuckas in my business all the time like that. Even worse is all these companies see her as a check lol. If you attach that woman to anything, youre getting fucking paid. To prove my point. MTV knew good and gotdamn well what they were gonna get when they booked Brittney to open for the VMA’s. Im not gonna fuckin lie, her performing was one of the MAIN reason I wanted to watch that historicly (for the last few years) boring ass show. Even I wanted to see what she was gonna do. And boy did we all get something to talk about lol. Poor girl lol. MTV may have fucked around and ended her damn career lol. But MTV got PAID off all the ratings and advertising doe they got for her opening the show im sure. Alls well that ends well I guess…

Having a hand in running a TV station myself, I cant say I wouldnt have done the same shit lol.

People It Must Suck To Be

Hey, You’re Tom Right?

lol how many entries am i gonna write about this muthafucka Tom of fame?

I was talkin to my main man The Killa and he was telling me that was fucked up and down, and had been down all gotdamn night…. yet again. This of course, is no REAL big surprise to anybody who has ever logged in to that gotdamn site more than 3 times. But whatever… i cant really say shit, because I log in anygotdamnway… just like everybody else. We live with it. But today, The Killa was fustrated. And wanted to whoop toms monkey ass because the shit was down.
I cosigned of course, being the nigga that i am. And I suggest to The Killa, that maybe i should hop on the 405 (aka the SLOW-O-Five) and roll to santa monica, where is supposivley located, and have a sit down with Tom. lol of course im not… but still lol.

Then it occured to us that we probably arent the only muthafuckas that have had that thought lol. And i know for a fact im not the only muthafucka in LA that had that thought. Saying to themselves, i should find this fucking place and either whoop Toms ass for a variety of reasons. One being, fustrated because the site is all fucked up… all the time, the shit runs like an ’81 caddalac. With the cloth on the roof all saggy n shit… getting old ass foam dust in your fuckin hair.

So yea, im wondering. Since this man has put is FACE across every ones myspace page at sometime… and probably used his real muthafuckin name, because im sure he had no idea that the shit would get THIS big. maybe kinda big. but this big? i dout it.
And with his fucked up hair, and white guy smile… im sure if by chance you bump into this muthafucka, and happen to reconize him, youre not going to be mistaken. Unless youre like me and think most white people look alike lol.

LA is a big ass muthafuckin place. And im more than certain a decent number of people just in santa monica alone, have myspace pages. I bet you this man Tom cant go no muthafuckin where with out being hit up in some shape form or fashion. I bet he is hella tired of hearing his own damn name at this point. Hearing that same shit over and over… "hey, youre tom right?" id go nuts lol. I wonder if anybody has tried to fight him or threatened him over thier page being deleted? LOL
My cousin got his page deleted for no reason. Shit was just gone one day. Im sure that aint the only nigga that ever happen to. lol MySpace have been up for how long? If nobody has tried to whoop tom ass some where in santa monica, or just in or around LA period. id be fucking shoked lol.

I know another thing he is tired of hearing about is his gotdamn site. Either people bitching that it was down…. or some over zelious ass nerd who wants to have a meeting right there in the middle of McDonalds and tell tom how he could improve the site and make it work better. Id really love to be around when either one of those happen. What if Tom was out to eat, and somebody who was pissed over them deleting thier page, SPIT in tom food. Now THAT would be some funny shit!

The Killa mentioned, that what if Tom was sliding niggas shade. Like NO! im not tom, go away or some shit. LOL wouldnt that be fucked up? Like dogg, the whole purpose of your site is on some friend shit. Lets be friends… we are friends. I mean hell, you was my first friend when i joined. And homie, you aint being too friendly right now! lol what the fuck? lol he would probably get his ass kicked over that lol.

So im assuming it would suck to be tom lol. Has to suck to be him right now. Until you remember that he got chipped off for myspace. Then im sure it would be a lil easier to put up with. lol