Uhmah Park


Beyonce 4 President

As far as I am concerned, this woman can run anything she damn well pleases…….. as long as it doesnt fuck up my money of course lol. I love her, her parents, Kelly and Michelle, Allan, their whole team. I used to work with Music World a long time ago. There wasnt a member of their WHOLE organization who was mean or rude to me. Ever. Not even a little bit. Not even Miss Tina, who everybody thinks is mean lol. They are awesome. I dont know where my business would have been if they have never given us a […]

How I became a Bone Thugs n Harmony fan

Actually, now that I think about it. Im not REALLY a fan. But here is the story anyway. Back in the day, my friend Lonnie and I would BATTLE ¬†in Mortal Kombat 2 on Super¬†Nintendo, daily! However, I didnt have a SNES. I would mostly play over Lonnies house. After a while, I was basically unbeatable. I was kicking Lonnies ass, day in and day out. I never got tired of kicking his ass. Those ass kickings soon spread on to his brothers, cousins, my friends, anybody that picked up that controller. But between Lonnie and I, out of 100 […]

Pikes Strike

This is my favorite Madlib track of ALL TIME!!!! (in my best drunken @KanyeWest voice). If you have been watching Adult Swim for the last few years, you might remember that they used this beat for promos sometimes. I havent seen them use it in years. But I used to love it. When I first heard it, I¬†immediately¬†started to search the internet for it. First I had to get the REAL name of the song. As you might notice, the title of this entry is called “Pikes Strike” but the title of this here youtube video is “Ashby Road”. This […]

Cockney Thug

When your spirit is floating down that tunnel towards the light, you know what’s behind the light? It’s not God, it’s me. And I’m gonna kick your poncey soul all the way back down the tunnel till you choke on your own fucked up ribs. NOW, wake the FUCK up!!! РBricktop You may remember from post previous to this, that I have recently become a fan of Dubstep. While  discovering new dubstep tracks I came across this one and it immediately became my favorite. Snatch is one of my favorite movies. This shit is bangin.

Friday is for Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Falon put on the best performances… they should go on the road or something. I’d watch it. This was great. If you look closely, you can see everybody has to count with their fingers or some kind of way to get how many times fun runs in a row. At the moment, Im not sober enough to bother to attempt to make an effort to really count myself. So Im just gonna go with five. Which is ridiculous. Bitch we get it! lol

When and where I became a DubStep fan

Rarely it is caught on camera when something comes into your life and changes it forever. That probably sounds a lot more serious than this event was for me. But still… how many times has the moment when you became a fan of something caught on camera. Or in this case, some what caught on camera. Recently, Ive been come a fan of DubStep. If you dont know what it is… Im not going to explain. Lets just say its something like rave or house music. But a lot more listenable. Even though, Ill fuck with some rave music. But […]

Walking In L.A. – Missing Persons

Nobody walks in L.A. Out of towners find this out the hard way, every damn day. I have friends from all over the world, who all end up in L.A. at SOME point. And most of them have found out the hard way… Its damn near impossible to get around Los Angeles with out a car. Sometimes people hit me up.. like “OJ, we should kick it” etc. Which is usually awesome. Until I end up being a taxi. If you dont have car in LA, youre basically STUCK as fuck. Depending on where you stay, it might even be […]

Mausberg – Shut Up!!

Alot of people dont know about Mausberg… A lot of people dont know about the album this song was featured on. Its called Konnected Project, VOL. I.Its super rare, but most of the people who know about this album believe its a classic. Including yours truly (me… for the slow people). I love this album. I remember how I came up on this album. One day, my auntie came over to the house with a boy friend of hers. It just so happens he was some kind of A&R. ¬†It just so happens that I was standing outside with a […]

The 25 Most Essential Raekwon Tracks

Recently Complex Magazine did an interview with Raekwon about his favorite songs he’s put out over the years. I LOVE most of these tracks… until after Duck Seazon. I really only like one track after that, and thats Surgical Gloves. Thats my shit right there, one of my favorite tracks off the Cuban Linx 2 album. A banger for sure. I always find it interesting to know what an artist was doing and going through at the time of creating a classic. Rae has a lot of classics under his belt. ¬†He’s killed so many damn beats. There are¬†definitely¬†some classics […]

Killer Mike feat T.I. – Ready Set GO!

Killer Mike – New Music – More Music Videos So yea, you can catch me in the valley or greater Los Angeles area banging this shit loud as fuck. This was on the T.I. Fuck A Mix tape… Mixtape…… right. This is my shit. Ive been bumpin this since it came out, it as an instant favorite. I just happen to see the video posted to NahRight.com earlier today. I was alright a light weight TI fan. But my last trip to Atlanta made me a full TI fan. When that mans last album came out, thats all niggas was […]