Easy on my balls, they’re fragile as eggs.

I’m just sittin’ right, in my class at a quarter to ten right?
Waiting patiently for the class to begin right?
Teacher says “open up your texts and read the first paragraph on
Oral sex!”
I said “Oral sex!, what kind of class is this?!”
The girl next to me said “what’s wrong with you miss? This is a lesson that
Makes you feel fine, kinda ease your nerves and relax your mind!”
I said “Don’t try to use no hypnotic spell!”
She said “Be my assistant, I’d show rather tell!”
My knees buckled heart started to drop
My dick grew to a size that my nerves couldn’t stop
I tried to run! She yelled out “freeze!”
Pulled down my draws, dropped to her knees
Ripped of my draws as if she had claws
Broke the rules that defined sex laws
She responded quick, with a slick, welcoming kiss and a ice cream lick
Oooh I begged, I begged, “Easy on my balls, they’re fragile as eggs.”

Part 2 coming up…

lol this is my shit

Music Song of the Moment

Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe Remix


I so need to start blogging more often lol. Anyway, this shit is fucking awesome. Jay came through on his verse, but its clear that K dot was having none of that out shine me on my own song shit. Thats what the fuck I’m talking about.

“When I heard that thing he sent back I said to myself, ‘I can’t be no floozy on this mother—er for sure’,” he said. “All them years of being in the studio, all them years of writing, all them years of freestyling and just being a student of the game don’t mean sh– if I can’t live up to this track, at least by a little bit being beside a legend in it.”

Gemini’s are competitive.

The Cover on the sound cloud page really says it all.

Here goes the Flex Interview on how everything happen. 


Fuck… speaking of the cover tho. A nigga needs this picture hanging up in his house some where. I feel like it will keep me more focused on the shit I want to accomplish in my life. Seriously lol.


#MyFollowersRandomPlaylist Vol 1

The other day I asked my followers on twitter and facebook to name the first song that came to mind when they saw the post. I was being random and it turns out that my the resulting list of songs were random; some of my friends and followers are pretty gotdamn random lol. So I thought I’d put together a playlist of the songs my peoples posted. Im not a huge fan of a lot of the songs posted, but thats not the point. I guess you can call it a social experiment. Dont ask me what purpose it serves though. All of this really came out of no where. I liked the way it turned out though.

I put together a youtube playlist with a track listing and thoughts below.

Raul – Jake and the neverland pirates
— gotdammit dogg lol. I didnt know what the hell this was. I do a search and find out the hard way lol. damn.

Drew – This lil light o mine
— smh, dammit. and dammit some more lol. To match your randomness, I found the click of the fresh prince when ashley and carlton sang this shit with the choir lol.

Herb – Song Cry
— One of the few Jay -Z songs I dont fuck with. I hate emotional songs lol. Never seen this video… couldnt bring myself to sit through it either lol

Brandi – Pop That by French Montana. LOL!
— lol thank you for bringing this video into my life.  This was also the first time Ive heard this whole song allt he way through.

Mayra – Eminem loose yourself
— I never liked this song. I love EM tho

Alex – “My Boo” by the ghost town DJs.
— LOL this nigga here ………… this shit still beats lol.

Lewis – “Just don’t Bite it” NWA i use to play it for the ladies on our first date, lol
— LMAO Lewis is dumb. This is my shit tho lol.

Whitni – Rose Royce- Car Wash? Random!
— Every time I hear this song, I wish I could roller skate backwards

Kevin – Pink Floyd – Sorrow
— Ive never heard this song before. Its cool.. dont know if I could sit through it sober lol.

Todd – its bigger than hip hop!!!
— This beat never gets old. Classic

Someone, I dont remember who, posted Faith Evans, Soon as I get home. Which is one of my favorite songs ever. I absolutely love this song. Every time I hear it I stop what Im doing. I love this whole album. This is the last bit of R&B I messed with. This song makes me want to be nice and spoil some sweet young lady with any and everything I have to offer as a man lol.

Me – The Doors – Love me two times
— because thats the last song that was playing on my Ipod when I posted this. Ive been blasting The Doors and  Jimi Hendrix all day.

I cant find the songs my twitter followers replied with. Im going to have to write them down next time.

Ill do this again one day, I think I like this.



You Wanna Talk Genocide? Not a problem.


I know a lot of people dont remember or forgot about this track. Its one of my favorite Wu / Method Man tracks of all time. I dont know why its not on my ipod, but that really doesnt have much to do with much right now. But I aint happy about it. Anyway.. Batman Forever was one of my favorite Batmans as well, the first round of Batmans, that is.

I always thought Method Man tore this beat down. Method man being a lot of people favorite Wu-Tang Clan member is well deserved. The only Method Man fans I dont take seriously are those fans who cant point out Masta Killa on a track. Those arent real Wu-Tang fans lol

And for those that dont remember the video for this, click here

Music Song of the Moment

Sucker Fuckin MC’s!

This is the best cover of an old school rap track ever. But this shit is so old, its damn near old school lol. I used to have this whole album, its called “In Tha Beginning There Was Rap

The funniest part about this album was that Too Shorts “Freaky Tales” was on this album being covered by Snoop. But Too Short was on the album covering “I Need A Freak” LMAO! and it was bangin too!!! I need to find this shit again, it was stolen form me back in the day.

Music Song of the Moment

Jaan Pehechaan Ho

I LOVE THIS SHIT!!! Soon as I heard it on this Heineken Commercial, I had to hear the full version! I dont understand a gotdamn thing this man is saying or singing about. But judging from the video its some extra groovy super live shit! How can you not dance like some kinda asshole when thit shit comes on?! They certainly did in the Heineken Commercial! That was extra great by the way!

I wish I could find a bunch of other shit just like this! This is like Punjab Swing Music or something. I love it!

If you want to know more about whatever the fuck this is like I did, there is a wikipedia page lol: Jaan Pehechaan Ho


My girl says I can find any song ever made, ever. The homie Lemmy (id link his twitter name, but he always changes it lol) came across it some how. I cant say I tried too hard to find it. But I found out what it was, some how some way. Thats usually how it works lol.


OK, so… While typing this post out, I decided to do a couple of searches. Apparently this song was recorded by a man named Mohammad Rafi. I did a brief search o n youtube to hear more of his music, I havent found anything as live as Jaan Pehechaan Ho, but he still makes great music. … do I understand what he is saying? NOOOPE! But I cant really say I care. It sounds good. lol I love old music like this. Its probably why I liked Beat Konducta Vol. 4: Beat Konducta In India (and 3) so much.


Niggas In Carnegie Hall

Music News

I cant front, I REALLY want to go see this. I want to see Jay-Z preform in Carnegie Hall, I think that would be fuckin awesome for tons of reasons. I want to see what kind of special show he puts on for Carnegie Hall. I also want to see the type of crowd that attends the event.

Im sure he isnt gonna totally censor his self. And Im sure there are going to be a lot of special guest performers who come out on stage.

Speaking of Niggas In Paris, I also really want to go to the Watch the Throne concert here in LA. At first I didnt really want to go, but all the reviews and then this Victoria Secret Fashion Show performance changed my mind. This shit was live.

Music Song of the Moment

Erykah Badu – The Other Side Of The Game

Earlier, @Huny asked for Karaoke song suggestions. She said she was partial to Badu. Then I suggested “Certainly” or “The Other Side Of The Game”. And this song has been STUCK in my head every since lol. But, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. I dont know why. Maybe its the bass. I dont know. Its an awesome song though. And if you know me, you know I like R&B all that much.

I remember when this song came out. I always liked it, but I didnt really understand it. I was young. I Didnt understand it until I was an adult and some what in the same situation. At one point in time, I had to stop doing some illegal shit due to similar circumstances in this song. One day, my girlfriend at the time and I were talking and some how got to her concerns about the way I was living my life.  She didnt know I had anything illegal going on in my life. I never lied about it. There was no way she could have knew about it, asked about it or be concerned. She would have never guessed or thought Id be doing the shit I was doing.
She was more concerned with me coming home at 5 in the morning; Me drinking and driving; running the streets like I was at the time; Hanging out in the “bad part” of town, shit like that. She didnt think I was cheating on her at all. And I wasnt. That was a non-issue. She just didnt want me to get hurt basically, or find myself in a situation where we would be separated. She told me that she really wanted to be with me, near me, possibly grow old with me and that she needed me. She was HELLA sincere about it too. Her whole speech came straight from the heart lol. It really resonated with me. I was fucking touched. I loved this girl, so there was no way I couldnt consider seeing things from her side. I thought about how I would feel if she was doing what I was doing. At least the part she knew about. Id be worried too. Especially if I had her frame of reference.

So I stopped doing “the illegal shit” I was doing at the time. She never knew about it. Still doesnt. Aint going to find out lol. But as far as the stuff she did know about (I was really honest with her, otherwise), I stopped doing a lot of the things that would have her worrying about me. Well, it was more like a compromise, but still. I totally understood where she was coming from, so the compromise didnt bother me at all. Which surprised the fuck out of me. I never thought I’d be that guy. I always thought I’d lie and keep it moving. Planned on it in fact. DID NOT work out that way LOL!

Thats what this song reminds me of when I hear it sometimes. Love will have you surprising the hell out of your self. Pleasant surprises and WHAT IN THE FUCK WAS I THINKING surprises. Both, equally as shocking.

Music Song of the Moment

King Tubby – Badness Dub

One day I was suffering the net, years ago. When people still thought it was cool to put a mp3 player on their website and have it automatically load, like maybe you didnt have your own music playing while you surfing (cruising) the internet.

I was clicking around, link to link, site to site. Then I landed on some random site; I dont remember the name at all. But I do remember King Tubbys Badness Dub started to play. I had never heard it before; and at the time I really didnt enjoy slower reggae music. I had never heard reggae dub before, ever.

I was REALLY blowed, and when this song started to play, I instantly felt it. It was like it was speaking to how blowed I was. Ive been a fan of reggae dub music every since. This song got me to digging most forms of reggae. for years I could only mess with dance hall. I LOVE dance hall, by the way.

Thank you for making such awesome music King Tubby. Which is an awesome name by the way.


Billie Jean is a gotdamn liar

If you really pay attention to Mikes face, he is serious about not having fathering Billie Jeans child. I WISH hope and fucking PRAY that one day, there is some girl on the Maury Povich show named Billie Jean. And the guy who she thinks is the father, really isnt. I HOPE AND FUCKING PRAY that guy is up on his Micheal Jackson moves and does at LEAST some of this routine in his celebration dance. Because there is ALWAYS a dance or some kind of celebration. Oh, and sings the song of course.

THAT would be way too awesome!!

Just like this performance was! Shit! Some how some way, on twitter, I noticed a few people comparing Beyonces Billboard performance to this. Nah. But its not really fair to compare the two. We ARE talking about the #ThrillerMaker here. It was just him, no special effects or anything. And its still hard to top. Probably never will be topped. Who am I kidding, it will never be topped. This shit was fucking magical.
I believe its unfair to make a comparison. But thats just me……. and my opinion is everything. All those who dont sign on and think the same way I do are losers to like to lose. lol. So says ME!

Shout out to @Sistertoldja who, when speaking on this subject, which inspired the need to watch this video (IN HD!!) and post it here for all of you to enjoy. Your welcome.