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Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass

  So, Im officially a Nicki Minaj fan now lol. Not a fan of her music, Im not supposed to be, Im not in her demo. But the rest of her, the outfits, the funny faces, she talk alotta shit and shes hilarious as fuck. And then she was jumpin around holding her titties and shakin all that ass. jesus lol As far as big sean goes though…. This is the first big sean song Ive ever heard on purpose. Im something like very underwhelmed. Maybe I need to hear something else by this dude. Just to be clear, that […]

Killer Mike feat T.I. – Ready Set GO!

Killer Mike – New Music – More Music Videos So yea, you can catch me in the valley or greater Los Angeles area banging this shit loud as fuck. This was on the T.I. Fuck A Mix tape… Mixtape…… right. This is my shit. Ive been bumpin this since it came out, it as an instant favorite. I just happen to see the video posted to NahRight.com earlier today. I was alright a light weight TI fan. But my last trip to Atlanta made me a full TI fan. When that mans last album came out, thats all niggas was […]

Big Boi – General Patton

1. This Big Boi Album is fuckin bangin. 2. This just happens to be one of my favorite tracks off the album. Behind the intro. The intro to the album is that first part you hear with the nigga whistling. 3. This album is gonna make me fuck off some priorities and get my speakers put in my fucking car. This shit bangs so hard. 4. I think there is a large piece of me that wants a 60 something impala. Just because. I feel like it will make me feel … i dont know. but I want one lol […]

Eminem – We Made You – Video

Here Eminem goes again. With the same ol shit lol. King of the hilarious spoof video. Em needs to start naming his videos “Not another Eminem spoof video Vol ___ ” whatever… name that shit like porn. Might as well lol Too bad the song isnt all that. I might sit through this video again to catch another joke or 3 (ive already watched this shit twice lol) but I wouldnt play this in my car.


Jay-Z Typography Video

This video is dope. Not the most entertaining video in the world. Unless you REALLY love anything Brooklyn, including just watching the letters repeat over and over again. However, As a person who works in motion graphics and art daily. I think this shit is fucking dope! Jay-Z on iLike – Get updates inside iTunes Ive been to New Jersey and New York a few times. The circumstances surrounding my visiting though, super fucked up. But whatever. Ive always wanted to post up in Brooklyn for a while. Alot of my favorite rappers are from Brooklyn and rep super hard. […]

Breakfast Of Champions – Consequense

this guy is dope. this video is dope. he only rap one way it seem like though. you may remember him from rippin apart that good bad ugly track with kanye. shit was great. I had to post this on the strength of JD hype. lol The female in this video is cold business. I like its short sweet, fine girl, dope rhymes, not complicated. high five! lol if it wasnt for nahright.com id probably never watch videos lol

CHUCK that Soilder Boy!

You can fuck with this bullshit right here if you mutahfuckin want to… but a nigga like me? This gotdamn song makes me wanna cause myself harm. I remember the first time I heard this bullshit. This very video was playing in the background of some place I was at. I was kinda blowed, so I thought I was trippin. I was wondering if the niggas who sang the song was ever gonna actually START singing the fucking song. But I didnt really pay that much attention to it. Then it felt like a fucking hour passed and they was […]