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So Camron Diaz is in the new Green Hornet. I love Cameron Diaz. Dont ask me why. I just do. Im a sucker for a girl with pretty eyes and a big pretty smile. I just am. This movie also stars Seth Rogan and some asian guy who looks likes Jet Li’s cousin. He also looks like he kicks ass. So sign me up. Im not sure if this would piss Bruce Lee off. But his love for white women might cool him off some. Even tho Cameron is a latina lol.

Im going to see this. It looks kind of good. Not in 3D though. I hate 3D. Shits awful.

I wanted for the longest time to see this movie. I wanted to have some kind of viewing party or group outting to see this movie. I knew it would be a great movie to watch with a group of friends. I even went and bought this movie in Blu-Ray. For whatever reason, watching this movie with somebody else just wasnt in the cards. Lucky me. I would have fucking embarrassed myself watching this shit with somebody else. I was laughing WAY TOO FUCKING HARD!!!

This movie had way more plot than I was expecting. Way more jokes than I expected. And alot more titties than I was expecting. This shit was better than Snakes on a Plane. And if you dont know how much I love Snakes on a Plane… then. I love that damn movie. It was great. BUT THIS SHIT HERE?!?!?! NIGGA THIS SHIT HERE?! Puts alot of movies to shame. This shit is great. If you havent seen it. Just stop bullshiting and do your self the ultimate favor, smoke something if you smoke, or maybe drink something, sit back and enjoy! Shits AWESOME!

One day I’m gonna tell some lucky girl my favorite line from the movie. “You can hit the streets or the sheets, it don’t make me no nevermind. That’s your bag, baby. You can go or you can come, can you dig it?”

As a woman, you already know what you wanna do, so if you cant get with that. You can get the fuck on. What did the girl in the movie do? She used her damn brain and got with it. Might as well lol