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Guttie Shit

OJs shitty advice: Did you take your pants off holmes?

Im a tall guy; im six feet, six inches tall. So its not a problem for me to look over a bath room stall wall. At a glance, I wouldnt see anybody taking a shit, typing out a blog entry, waiting for this friday to be over already. But i can at least see the adjacent wall lol. However, I am tall enough to catch a mf writing a blog entry on the toilet while taking a shit, if I did happen to put effort into looking all the way over the stall wall. Lolol. Anyway.. The other day, i […]

Talk crap, I’ll throw AIDS at your car!

This here rapper goes by the name Krispy Kreme (no A). If you talk shit to this man, he will throw AIDS at your car. Plain and simple. This is way too funny. This whole song is quotable. I had to listen to this 4 times to figure out which line I wanted to use for the title of this post. This dude has to be kin to Butters from south park. His hick cousin from west virgina or something. This man has a trailer park accent, yet he says all his words completely, just like Butters. Him throwin up […]

I Run The Military and Im in Your Hood!

I love all these uber ignorant Barack Obama parody videos. I dont care whos offended. This shit is AWESOME. I cant help it. The super funny part to me is, the President does get his thug on. For instance: Yesterday, was the Death Anniversary of Bin Laden, out of no where, Obama shows up in Afghanistan! Addressed the U.S. people FROM Afghanistan. He couldve done that from the White House. But he didnt. He went over there to say what he had to say. It wasnt a photo op with troops. He jumped on TV saying that he was still […]

Direct TV Just Lost My Business Forever!

In this commercial, Direct TV would have you believe that being up for anything is a bad idea. Well I have news for you direct tv, Im usually up for anything. Further more and more importantly, I would LOVE to¬†reenact¬†scenes from Platoon with the Warlock himself!!! What the fuck is wrong with you Direct TV?!?! This sounds like an awesome idea!!! How does this not sound like a good ass time to me!! What am I missing here?! Is Charlie Sheen using live ammo or something? What? This sounds super fun to me. So fuck Direct TV. Im cool. Id […]

Fresh Prince In Paris

Who ever did this is great…. and very fucking ignorant lol. I feel like Will Smith did this himself lol. Like he spent time groovin on all those episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air (one of my favorite all time shows) just to lead up to the making of this video lol. Speaking of silly dances done to Niggas in Paris tho, the jig @KanyeWest was doing in that damn video was HILARIOUS! @Steenfox knows what I’m talkin about lol. It deserves its own post. But Ill go over that some other time lol. Shout out to who ever […]

Dont Re-Nig

This happen in real life. Everybody is offended and all that, but as far as OJ goes. I laughed first. This shit was pretty fucking funny. Its like one of those lame greeting cards that makes you chuckle because its clever, but lame. Even tho technically, they’re using the term “Re-nig” wrong. Its still hella funny. Its funny because its racist as fuck. Its slick and clever, but its not trying to hide the fact that whole idea is saturated in¬†racism. The proud owner of this sticker isnt trying to hide their racism either! This person does not give a […]

Shaq / Tiger Kung Fu Battle

This is great. I love old Kung Fu movies, I have a small collection. I also have damn hella  martial arts movies on netflix in my instant queue lol. I need to take time out to watch em already. Ive been bullshitting.

Occupy My Night Stick!

The Occupy Wall Street Lego set is now here!!! HOLY SHIT! this is fucking hilarious!!! Kids being involved in adult jokes is damn near ALWAYS funny to me! They came through and crashed the camp n shit. Shout out to my cousin Chris for posting this to facebook. Ive watched this like 8 times

Herman Cain gets Barbra Walters to do her best Lil Jon

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Like a lot of Daily Show viewers, Im pretty fucking high when Im watching the Daily Show. The other night, this segment comes on and damn near kills me!!! Even though Herman Cain has dropped out of the presidential race, he clearly still loves me and tried to kill me with this. I wonder if he was thinking about me when he said this. “I will say this, the shows will pick up on it; then OJ will damn near […]


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZlGPhntPaU&feature=colike This mans “Oops” ending to an¬†awkward¬†stumbling of words he know he knows will live in political infamy¬†for a while. It has “Boom goes the dynamite” potential lol. Rick Perry reminds of of a knock off pre 911 George Bush. He seems like Bush’s dumb cool guy cousin. Its like he learned everything he knows from George Bush lol, including learning shit. LOL!