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On GP (General Purposes)

You from El Aye, I’m from El Aye

You from El Aye, I’m from El Aye. Cee Aye All day / On the real, I wouldnt have it any other way. This is my shit! I forgot how or where I first heard this track at, but its great. But if you know me, I like most things Los Angeles. Two things I thank God for all the time is: 1. Being a big Black man 2. Being a Los Angeles native. I could have been born in any other part of the world, and Im sure all those other places are great and all but this is […]

Oprah Book Club Fight Club!

  1. I love Oprah, shes one of my heroes. I dont watch or participate in anything she does really. But I know her story and I see the moves she makes and its inspiring to me. Shes over come a lot. 2. THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! and way too awesome. Notice, nobody hit Oprah, she took NO L’s in that skit lmao. Not even as a joke lmao. She didnt even take a good punch and come back with fury. Just straight fades homie!! Dished out a whole bucket full of fadeds. YOU CATCH A FADE! YOU CATCH A […]

Fuck Preseason Football

I hear its necessary, but I hate it. I can’t wait to get to the regular season. Although Im not a football person. I didnt play football. So I dont know everything thats going on, on the field, so preseason isnt all that great to me. I need the damn season to start. I’m anxious to see how my Raiders are gonna get busy this year. I start off every Raider season pretty optimistic. Even with Jamarcuss at QB. I dont care. Thats just who I am. I ride with my team. I dont care what the Raiders are going […]

Googles ingenious plan to get paid off of nerd slave labor

Wow. This here is pretty damn brilliant if you ask me. Google has just launched “Google Labeler”. A section of google where you log on to label images from google image search. And for labeling these images…. you get…. points. Thats right. Points. The more complicated the label, the more points you get. You will not be paid to do this task, but you will receive points. If you do a good enough job you may find your name on the front page of the Google Image Labeler site. You can make any kind of knick name you want. And […]

Happy New Year, All Extra Late N Shit

Im already fucking up. You will see why shortly. Its Jan 16th (Syls Bday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYL!) and this is my first blogger entry of the year. Firstly… My New Years Eve was FUCKING GREAT!. The homie Yong got his girl P a new camera flash. That shit is awesome, and it/she took some great ass pictures. Since my vanity and narsicsim is getting back to ridiculous levels they used to be at. Here are all the pictures featuring me. Your welcome. OJ & Syl 3 of 4 Juave Bros. (John, JD, OJ) Featuring Jessica and Clever Ray and […]

KarmaLoop.com Sale 50% off!

Say word?! WORD! I kinda feel swindled, because, I bought shit at the 30% off sale, and the 40% off sale. But you damn for sure better believe Imma fuck with this sale too!! Be Smart and Click Here Thank me later. Ill take pictures of everything I got after I get the shit Im about to order right now. lol

Hace Frio!

Thats spanish for its fucking cold holmes. I took this picture on Senson. As in the Senson Fires lol. As in… thats why the earth looks kinda fuckin cooked lol.There used to be grass and trees and what not up there. Then the fire came and burned all that shit up. That left chard earth and black dirt. But now there is snow… on top of the dirt lol. But damn man… S I G H ! ! ! Im not really a fan of the snow when its forced down your damn throat. I like when its far away […]

Daddys Valentines Day Present… From The Past

Only a few select people know this about me, but one of my favorite holidays is Valentines day. Considering I dont celerbrate any holidays really, the people who know me, know this is half way a big deal. I dont celerbrate xmas, thanksgiving, nothing. New Years, Valentines Day and the biggest holiday of the year as far as Im concerned… My Birthday lol, are the only holidays I “celberbate”. Do I not accept Xmas presents? Dont be dumb lol of course I do. I give Xmas presents too. Which technically constitutes celerbration, but honestly, who fucking cares. Bottom line, youre […]

It wasnt a Terrorist Fist Jab! It was a Fist Kiss!

Days, Weeks, Months and “Over Time Ago” Barack Obama and his “Good Bride” were said to be exchanging Terrorist pleasantries before one of his speeches. Photographed here: Recently the matter has been cleared up, by Shaq and Mike (somebody) an espn anchor in this simple demonstration. LMAO a fucking fist kiss?!?!?! LMAO! Fucking Hilarious. So you see.. Barack… excuse me… President Obama and The First Lady where not showing each other terrorist love. It was a less creepy version of Al and Tipper Gore stage kiss. It was something every one could relate to. Because President Obama is a man […]

The Block Is Hot

Im going to have to find a way to not have to post links for three different groups of muthafuckas that I fuck with on the internet. Until then though, lol. As many of you know, I live in Porter Ranch, California… a small suburb of Northridge. If by any chance, you happen to watch the news, the city of Porter Ranch might sound kind of familiar to you because there was a big ass fire out here earlier this week. And yes, a nigga like myself DID have to evacuate. Why because peoples homes that were less than 1000 […]