Uhmah Park

On GP (General Purposes)

Dear Summer

Dear Summer, You know Im going to miss you. I love the summer time and everything that comes with it. I love everything right now. Currently im driving down the 134 freeway, east bound, rolling through Glendale. The moon is full and hovering over the city scape. The moon isnt all that “high” in the air, its about 8pm. The moon is a dull yellow, big and absolutely gorgeous. The moon is one of my favorite things to look at, its something like hypnotic. When i look at the moon, im almost at a lost for words. My thoughts are […]

Going down with my people!

Ive been on a freelance on-site gig for about 3 weeks now. To save gas and to avoid any amount of traffic possible, I take the subway into work. When im standing around with the crowd of people waiting on a train to show up, i walk up and down the crowd to figure out where most of the Black people will be getting on, so i can get on that train car. Is this racist of me? I do this for a few some what silly reasons. If shit gets way too real, a million feet under the damn […]

I see you lookin, witcho lookin ass!

Heres some TMI for that ass; I take about 3 shits a day on average. (See what I did there?) I cant think of any time in my whole life where ive only taken one shit in a 24 hour span. My bowels are active and unpredictable. Which means I can be anywhere and my stomach will let me know that its time to make moves lol. This means that Ive been forced to take countless shits in public restrooms. I have been in some very awesome public bathrooms and some disgusting ones. Super fucking disgusting. But nothing is more […]

Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is probably my favorite Late night show. Sadly, I hardly ever get to watch it. This man is hilarious. Theres a lot of things I like and love about this show, but one of my favorite things is the theme song. Here is the link to the full song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q22ut6HchNg I need to get tickets to the show one day. One day soon!

Pizza Hero or Loser?

Dominos latest marketing efforts revolves around an iPad app/game called “Pizza Hero“, heres the commercial. So… You mean to tell me, that IF you become good enough at this game. Dominos will INVITE you to become a real pizza maker… sorry, “Pizza Chef”. For minimum wage. At one of their hole in the wall, hot ass establishments. They are giving away their pizzas at a discount for this promotion, so there is no way they are gonna pay you a worth while salary to make their pizza. If you are hired on as a pizza chef, then there is a […]