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Who Knows? 2015

Who Knows by Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsys, is one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix songs. Even though it’s not about anything at all. The first time I heard it was on the Live at the Fillmore East album. Then one day I found this 9 minute long version from the Band of Gypsys album. I love it. I haven’t posted an entry to this site in over a year. There are a lot of reasons that happen. One of the reasons is because I didn’t like the theme I was using before. I liked it when I first built […]

Plizzanet Earth

Jimmy Kimmel, has Snoop up here narrating nature films. This is everything awesome as you hope it to be! I fucked around and found a whole “Plizzanet Earth” playlist! Gotdamn, I didnt think I was gonna make it through this whole thing. I couldnt stop laughing. Im so glad I smoked before I watched this. There are only 4 Plizzanet Earth videos. I dont know which one is my favorite. Ive looped through these a few times and I cant decide. MY GOD! This shit was hilarious!

So which Newsie did you base Clark Kent on?

This kills me every single fucking time! Batman went in on Superman. Even Commissioner got in on it. They let their true feelings be known and held back nothing. That was like a roast and an intervention at the same time. But more roast than intervention. The guy playing Batman must really not like superman in real life. It felt like he had been waiting to say that for a while. Even through the hilarious ass Batman accent, you could hear true grievances in his voice. Grievances he has probably had since a kid. Probably has been in a few […]

And what manner of Fuckery must we put up with today!?!?

I used to read the comic section daily. Garfield and Non Sequitur are my favorites! One monday morning, in ’03 or ’04, I saw this, and I instantly incorporated the word “Jackassery” and then the remix of it “Fuckery”; into my vocabulary, and I’ve been using it every since. This shit killed me when I first read it lol. Some of my favorite shit ever!!!!! I need to figure out a way to get the comics i used to read to my facebook feed or email or something. I love a good joke

Best Yoga Mat Ad Ever

Another awesome link from one of my favorite friends! This shit here is way too fucking funny. Awesome narration. It needs to be taken to audio; by Morgan Freeman, if at all possible!! lol I cried my own actual tears reading this shit around the 1:15pm mark. I couldnt hold it in any longer. I was at work laughing hard as fuck; openly not working lol. The original post is here. Yoga mat for sale. Used once. – $1 (Bellevue) Yoga mat for sale. Used once at lunch hour class in December 2009. Usage timeline as follows: 11:45a Register for […]

All My Life Ive Wanted Money & Power

So thats Sharane? I see why this man talked about her all album lol. This nigga just stood there while she stole the show. I didnt even notice he wasnt rapping the first time I saw this video lol. I may have risked an ass whoopin going to see her back in the day myself lol. That Lincoln is my dream car. I will own one. Eventually. I cant wait. You wont be able to tell me SHIT in that thing! When I get my Lincoln, Im going to talk all my homegirls into making a twerk video on my […]

James Brown and 2pac – Unchained

  am I wrong cuz I wanna get it on till I die This is my new favorite song for a while lol. I love James Brown. The Big Payback is one of my favorite songs of all time. Probably because I love revenge lol. People like to say that Revenge is a bad thing. People say that no matter how much Revenge you get, Revenge will never make you feel better. I agree. Revenge will never make you feel better all the way. Not even as much as you want to when you have nothing but Revenge in your […]

Uhmblr 2012

Fucking FINALLY! Ive been wanting to put up a new layout for this site for at least 2 years now. It always takes me FOREVER to produce a new layout for this site. If I could, I’d redesign and layout this site every time I learn something new. Thats why I wanted this domain way back, years and many moons ago; to practice and expand my skill set. Usually when I make a new layout for this site Im trying something Ive never done before. Which has lead to SEVERAL layouts never seeing the light of day because by the […]