Uhmah Park

Good Times


This is my friend Drew (@DMZTV). This photograph was taken on at his birthday party, at his house. I dont know what the fuck was in this cup. But this was his second full one. The first one he didnt chug. He finished it pretty quickly, but he didnt chug it. This one? Oh he chugged that shit! I hyped this man up so tough! He had no choice but to show the whole party that Gemini’s go the hardest in the paint!! …. or something like that I was screaming in his ear. I barely remember, I was pretty […]

So I Got Lost In The Mountains The Other Day

The other day, I went to see Inception, good movie. Kicked it super tough with a friend of mine, who I got to know a little bit better, after the movie. Also on this day, for whatever reason, I had to take a piss every 30 fucking minutes. This happens to me from time to time. Sometimes, I just drink too much water. Its awful. So right before I jump in my car to go home, I use the restroom. I get in my car, get on the 405 and what do you know? Im getting that, “Imma need to […]

I put the O in OMG

I went bowling with some of my friends. It was OJ, Moran, and Gracie. Ill keep it real. I didnt win. I barely came in second lol. Id show the score, but only Moran invited us all to bowl so she could kick our asses LOL. So I refuse to give her, her shine lol.

Acid Regin Freestyle @ PTU

This is old footage I took outside of the Prime Time Uncensored Studios during a taping of “The Platform”. The homies Gajah and Olmeca (Acid Reign) were the guest during this shows taping and during one of the breaks we were outside in the back smokin and a freestyle session broke out. A real freestyle session, straight off the top. This shit was great. Gajah and Olmeca both killed it. I dont know who that other dude was, who jumped in the cipher and got his lip fumble on. I said I’d take him out. I didnt say how much […]

The Damn Shit Fuck Truck, Built Like A Damn Rock!

During my senior year in high school, I used to drive a ’88 Ford Ranger that my dad gave me. I used to drive this truck around Fontana, California like a complete MAD MAN! Anybody that would ride with me would find themselves saying “damn shit for fuck over and over again” as the homie Prophet put it. So it gained the name of the “Damn Shit Fuck Truck”. One day I went over the homie Wendels house with the homie Chris, aka Waxxon. Dont know why. We were there, we left. Next stop RJ’s House. At the end of […]

I Scoff At Danger!

As illustrated by this picture here lol. This picture was taken at Catalina Island, during a smoke break. Which is sounding like a good idea right about now. So since I, all of a sudden, have better shit to do than write blog post. I leave you with a summary of the day I had at Catalina in video form. We ran around this island on golf carts being asses. Most fuckery driven fun I’ve had in quite some time. Yes. Yong fell out the golf cart lol. wooooo that shit was hilarious. Click Here for the whole photo set.

Lakers 2010 Championship Victory Parade

So we get to downtown LA about two hours before the parade began, we walked up and down the parade route looking at bootleg Laker gear and interacting with all the other fans. I had hella friends there and some how saw none of them lol. When the parade started, I looked around and there were people every damn where. We were in front of staples we werent that far back. The float passed us. Took about 45 seconds. And then. That was it lol. You could have been on two sides of the parade route. The side we were […]

I Specialize In Gankin

I have been bullshiting on posting videos to my damn site. Dah. Oh well. One random rainy day at the office, it turned into Easy-E Karaoke lol! This was great. This is also me practicing some video editing lol