Good Times


This is my friend Drew (@DMZTV). This photograph was taken on at his birthday party, at his house. I dont know what the fuck was in this cup. But this was his second full one. The first one he didnt chug. He finished it pretty quickly, but he didnt chug it. This one? Oh he chugged that shit! I hyped this man up so tough! He had no choice but to show the whole party that Gemini’s go the hardest in the paint!! …. or something like that I was screaming in his ear. I barely remember, I was pretty fucked up myself in his picture. But our friend Drew? About an hour later, I heard he was face down in the bed. DONE FOR! lol Your most welcome my nigga lol! Great Party! Good Times!!


OJ is an enabler.

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Drake Face!!


This was the funniest shit LOL! Last sunday at The Do Over, some how Drake came up and Yael (@TokenBeigeChick) broke out into her, now famous, “Drake Face”! Then this mf Leon (@ListenToLeon) joined in by plugging his nose and singing some shit. Im not really familiar with Drakes music, I only know the beat and part of the “Who the fuck is yalllll” song. But thats what Leon sounded like. It was the damn guts!

To prove I was laughing way too hard at this, peep the fucked up picture I took lol.

Some how, later that night, I had a dream that featured these two silly mfs doing that shit randomly!!! LMAO! I cant fuck with them.
This whole day at the Do Over was hilarious. It was non-stop jokes for HOURS! To further nail this point home, I’d like to point out that on this day, the “Hood Scouts” were born. But thats a whole other story.

But the best quote of the day came from Leon. Some girl was dropping it like it was hella hot and whatever she had on, wasnt made for that at all. Her pussy was flappin in everybodys face. Then here goes Leon:

DAMN! She showin’ her pussy AND her vagina!!

Fuckin  Hilarious.

Good Times

So I Got Lost In The Mountains The Other Day

The other day, I went to see Inception, good movie. Kicked it super tough with a friend of mine, who I got to know a little bit better, after the movie. Also on this day, for whatever reason, I had to take a piss every 30 fucking minutes. This happens to me from time to time. Sometimes, I just drink too much water. Its awful.

So right before I jump in my car to go home, I use the restroom. I get in my car, get on the 405 and what do you know? Im getting that, “Imma need to piss soon” feeling yet again! But! I figured I could hold it before I got home. Its the weekend, northbound traffic on the 405 shouldnt be that bad. SIKE!

It was kind of moving, but it wasnt moving fast enough. Then traffic would stop from time to time. Not a good thing. The freeway in LA has alot of bumps. I dont think I need to expand much from there. But my bladder took it upon its self to do some expanding of its own. Alot quicker than I would have liked. If youve ever been stuck in traffic and had to take a piss, you know how much hell I was in. I was CUSSING on the freeway. Trying to debate if I should get off and find a gas station or something. But I was constantly getting fooled by traffic! By the time I knew it, I was at Santa Monica Blvd. Getting off around there is pointless. Trying to find some where to pee wouldnt have been the issue. Finding some where to fucking park over there, and or make a left or some other stupid ass traffic situation over in that part of town would have resulted in me pissing on myself. Just getting off the damn freeway is hard over there.

So Im faced with an even tougher choice now. Hold it until I get into the valley some where. Or… pull over in the Sepulveda pass some where and water a bush….. or 3. It felt like I was gonna let loose a damn gallon!

If youre thinking to yourself. Theres no way he made it home before he couldnt hold it no more. You’d be right. And when I reached this truth, I was at the Skirball Center exit. I dont know where the fuck I went, but I found a empty construction site. Wrestled my zipper open, popped open both doors and relieved my self! I didnt even get out the damn car, I just leaned over. I was trying to not look like I was being all ignorant and taking a piss on the side of the road in Bel Air n shit lol. But I was!

After I wet up every thing that was on that side of the car, I was back on the road. Feeling oh so much better. So lets get back on the freeway. I crossed the bridge that is right off the exit where I got off the freeway at. So naturally, there should be an entrance some where around here.  Well I didnt see it from where I came. So I took some road that I believed was gonna get me to Sepulveda. WRONG!

This road just kept going up and up and up. The road got smaller and more curvy. I come from behind some bushes. And I see this:

Turns out I was taking the back way to Mullholland Gateway Park. This is the most amazing view of the valley Ive seen from this side of the valley. I live on the otherside, on the hill and it looks awesome from that side. On the south side, the mountains are higher, So you can see more. The peek up there is so high, its possible to be above clouds, if they are low enough. Which is the reason the valley is so hot. These mountains blocks that ocean breeze.

People living up here are living swell. There is a giant ass church up here right on the edge of the mountain. There is a huge ass window where Im sure you can get an unobstructed view of the whole valley. Its beautiful.

I got a face full of eye candy that day. Great day.

Good Times

I put the O in OMG

I went bowling with some of my friends. It was OJ, Moran, and Gracie. Ill keep it real. I didnt win. I barely came in second lol. Id show the score, but only Moran invited us all to bowl so she could kick our asses LOL. So I refuse to give her, her shine lol.

Good Times Music Portfolio

Acid Regin Freestyle @ PTU

This is old footage I took outside of the Prime Time Uncensored Studios during a taping of “The Platform”. The homies Gajah and Olmeca (Acid Reign) were the guest during this shows taping and during one of the breaks we were outside in the back smokin and a freestyle session broke out. A real freestyle session, straight off the top. This shit was great. Gajah and Olmeca both killed it. I dont know who that other dude was, who jumped in the cipher and got his lip fumble on. I said I’d take him out. I didnt say how much lol.

Shout out to the homie Theo who I totally forgot was there lol.

I’ve actually forgotten alot about Prime Time Uncensored some how. Im going to tell that story one day. I have soooooo much footage. I basically filmed it all. I did damn near every thing up there lol. That project fucked my whole life up, almost completely and all the way. But fuck it. I learned alot. A ton in fact. Im going to start posting highlights of some of the shows. Despite having my life fucked up, I had some pretty good times doing this.

The Platform in particular. DJ Hectik would put together the bombest fucking mixes. Thats what was going on when we filmed this.

Good Times Guttie Shit

The Damn Shit Fuck Truck, Built Like A Damn Rock!

During my senior year in high school, I used to drive a ’88 Ford Ranger that my dad gave me. I used to drive this truck around Fontana, California like a complete MAD MAN! Anybody that would ride with me would find themselves saying “damn shit for fuck over and over again” as the homie Prophet put it. So it gained the name of the “Damn Shit Fuck Truck”.

One day I went over the homie Wendels house with the homie Chris, aka Waxxon. Dont know why. We were there, we left. Next stop RJ’s House. At the end of Dells street there was a hard right turn. Normally there would be houses at this turn. But instead it was an empty field, with rocks and sticks and trash and more rocks, dirt, dust random sticks and more rocks and dirt after that. A lot of Fontana used look this way. But at the end of the field was the street RJ lived on.
So as we were driving off. I noticed that the street took a little dip, and the opposite side of the street there was that dirt field but it had a path way that lead up a slop…. that you could jump. Say like, if you were on a bike. And you were going super fast. You would get some air. But it was at least a 7 foot slop to the top. You really cant see the top if youre at the very bottom. And at the bottom started this ramp. Big enough for a car…. and/or a truck. So I drive past it and I say to Waxxon,
“It would be dope if we jumped that shit in this truck… and just rolled over that way to RJ house through that field”
He was like “YEA!”
OJ: fuck it then. lets do it…
Waxxon: HELL YEA!!!

So we circle back around and line up the truck. I noticed across the street from the empty field, was some white guy watering his lawn. Noticing us lining up this ramp  But I didnt give a fuck about what he was going through. We looked at each other on some “nigga are you sure” shit. YUP!!!! I slapped that bitch in 1st gear and took off! This nigga Waxxon started fuckin screaming. Not a super high pitched scream but it was high pitched. So of course, I started fuckin screaming. On some Geronimo shit. Got it to second right before I hit that ramp and got up a little more speed. Then… LAUNCH!!

I dont know how fast we hit this ramp. But what I do know is that when we started going up, screamin like a muthafucka, We KEPT going up!! Out of the the front wind shield I saw the top of roofs disappear, then the telephone wires disappeared. Then all I saw was blue sky. And that was IT! Holy SHIT! Time kinda just stopped at that moment. I was stuck in a loop of saying “SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT” over and over inside my head. It felt like we left the ground. But there is really no way for me to be sure. But as far as I’m concerned, we got more air than the picture above this text!

Then after, what seemed like forever, we landed. HARD AS FUCK!!! WHAMMM!!!!!! A big ass cloud of dust and dirt went into the air. I went from seeing sky to seeing what seemed like Dust Fog. That hard ass landing killed our screaming. We landed so fucking hard. Im not sure if we bounced. But I can tell you it wasnt cool like TV makes it look like. That shit is some shit to go through. It doesnt hurt exactly, but its a little bit like getting in a car accident lol. Which, as you know, feels good in no way shape or form. lol

So we land. We turn and look at each other. I start to laugh. He is already in full silent laugh mode with tears coming out of his eyes. Which made me laugh even harder than I was. In the middle of my laughter fit. It occurs to me that we should probably clear the scene. After the landing, I let go of the clutch and everything, so I started the truck back up and smashed out! Kicked up all kinds of dirt and dust and bullshit. Rumbling and bumbling through this rocky, trashed, bullshit filled field. Rolling over all kinds of rocks. Feeling like I was in a Ford Truck commercial. We were bouncing all around the inside of the damn truck rolling over rocks n shit. Then out of no where… This old ass couch appears. And some how, I bucked this couch out our path. Shit went FLYING! Waxxon started screaming AGAIN! Laughing super out of control. Some how this big ass, old ass couch didnt leave a scratch on the car. So we get to the other side of this field and roll unto the street with the biggest trail of dust behind us. By this time Waxxon cant fucking breathe at all. We roll over to RJ house to tell him what happen. Waxxon still couldnt fuckin breathe. RJ was in disbelief.

That shit was way too fun. I now understand the potential hazards that I didnt really try to foresee. Like I could have possibly shattered my axle. Or some other shit. We rolled back around there the next day to do that shit again. Like a couple of jack asses lol. But that same white guy from earlier put a big ass log at the bottom of the jump so we couldnt hit that shit again. And once again, he was out side watering his lawn. We saw the log, we looked over at him. He looks at us shaking his head. Gave us a look like …. wild ass jungle monkey ass niggers, fucking shit up.

Me and this nigga Waxxon found that shit way too hilarious. I parked the car and we LAUGHED OUR ASSES OFF for like a good 10 minutes. Pointing and laughing at the log, this white dude and the whole situation. Im sure that white guy didnt put that log there to get mocked in furious laughter by two Black kids. But he did. Im not sure what kind of super modation feeling came with that. But he wasnt amused lol. We were!

I realize this is a chevy commercial. And I was in a Ford. But I still wanted to be like these mfs on the commercials lol. And sure thought that was about to be me! As far as Im concerned, I was!! Shit was great lol

This is one of those stories that are only super funny to the people who it happen to. But since I dont fuck with Waxxon no more at all. It goes here for me to laugh at lol.

Good Times

I Scoff At Danger!

As illustrated by this picture here lol. This picture was taken at Catalina Island, during a smoke break. Which is sounding like a good idea right about now.

So since I, all of a sudden, have better shit to do than write blog post. I leave you with a summary of the day I had at Catalina in video form. We ran around this island on golf carts being asses. Most fuckery driven fun I’ve had in quite some time.

Yes. Yong fell out the golf cart lol. wooooo that shit was hilarious.

Click Here for the whole photo set.

Good Times GreyRepublic You Tube

Fuzzy Math with The Grey Republic

This video is old as shit. Like December 2008 I believe. We were all pretty faded. Then Yong and Clever break out into a debate about how much liquor Yong as actually consumed lol.

Good Times

Lakers 2010 Championship Victory Parade

So we get to downtown LA about two hours before the parade began, we walked up and down the parade route looking at bootleg Laker gear and interacting with all the other fans. I had hella friends there and some how saw none of them lol.

When the parade started, I looked around and there were people every damn where. We were in front of staples we werent that far back. The float passed us. Took about 45 seconds. And then. That was it lol.

You could have been on two sides of the parade route. The side we were on had Kobe, Magic and Cap! I was hella happy! I would have been PISSSSSED if I was on the other side and found out they were on the side I WASNT on lol.

After they passed. We went to Trader Vics for Fish and Mai Tai’s. Good Times!

Good Times You Tube

I Specialize In Gankin

I have been bullshiting on posting videos to my damn site. Dah. Oh well.

One random rainy day at the office, it turned into Easy-E Karaoke lol! This was great.

This is also me practicing some video editing lol