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Foul And Flagrant

If you know me, you know why I want this jacket. Shits dope. This is from the New Crooks & Castles Fall Collection. I wont take this opportunity to expand on how I hate Fashion Industry websites. I will say that I do love Crooks shit. I need to have this jacket. Hopefully I wont further confuse any one with my possible affiliations by wearing this jacket. lol I probably will.

Is That A Team Or A Gang

So I went to this place called Hennries for lunch today. And on my way out, this tall old white guy caught the back of my shirt and asked me: “so whats the vultures? Is it a gang or a team?” Trying super hard to supress my laugh, I explained to him that it was just a shirt. And that I got it from the homies shop, Primitive on Ventura Blvd. I like this shirt. These fools need to really start up some kinda motercyle gang. Or we were thinking about starting a scooter gang with the homie Brett (he […]


Vote For Hydo / Kush Is Good

Sometime in 2004 or 2005, I was noticing that every celebrity was coming out with some kind of clothing line or perfume line or some kind of other line of whatever the hell. So as a joke, I said, Im going to make a Clothing line called "Chronic Couture". So of course, random OJ. One blowed day, I was watching a Laker game or something and I just ended up making a couple just to pass some time. I put up a t-shirt store on spreadshirt and just let these just sit there. I told a few people about them. […]

Zoom Kobe V: Bruce Lee – Dammit I Want These!

These shoes are so dope.. Dammit I want these. Except I’d wanna ball in these more than I’d wanna rock em. I really dont feel like these are rockable basketball shoes. Although I would probably try to some degree if I ever get my hands on any. $230 is enough to make me give up on balling in these. But fuck. These are awesome. One day. They dont even have em in my damn size

Googity GOO

These Moschino peep toe sandals: and these… not the same shoe. But this is all I could find. lol Remind me of these. Youre probably asking your self how. Maybe its because I wanna do some Glen Quagmire shit to some lucky willing participant who would happen to have these on her pretty feets lol. That would be great lol Id have to drop the heart shaped bed out the wall and all that shit lol. No… I dont have a heart shaped bed. I dont know how old these are. But I found them randomly looking for some other […]

Gianfranco Ferre Extra Cold Stiletto

I am a man of a few fetishes. One of them is a pretty girl in a nice pair of shoes. Im not gonna sit up here and say that I only fuck with girls with an acceptable shoe game. Because I’ve made exceptions. Alot of them lol. And there is a good chance I shall continue. (…. meh lol). But like I was saying. A sexy pair of shoes just says something else about a girl. To me, its like the difference between a chevy and a beamer. Nothing is wrong with a good Chevy, but a nigga like […]

Respect My Lo Son!

This is some of the best shit I’ve ever seen, ever. First of all. I love polo shit. Im eventually gonna spiff up my room. Im secretly trying to NOT decorate my room like the Polo Store. Sigh… Every time I type it or say it out loud, I feel a little bit more strongly that I should do it. As a matter of fact, Im damn near ready to say that I AM going to do that shit lol. I have white blinds, it would look like the catalog in this bitch. Good lord. Anyway. So some time ago, […]

Can I Kick It?

YES WE CAN! I saw this and had to purchase it. I havent bought any Obama shirts or plates or anything unofficial that didnt directly support the campaign this whole time. I bought a Hope and Change poster, but that was it. But I saw this shit and just had to have it. This shit is fuckin great. There is a Black version also… but it appears to be sold out. I got the white one. Although Calvin says he’s never seen me in white. I had to look through some of my pictures and low and behold. I dont […]

Supra DeathWish

These shoes say “Death Wish on the back. Now why that is super funny to me, is because I grew up in LA ( 53rd and Hoover ), in the 80’s and 90’s and wearing some shit like this around back then in the wrong part of town. And these shoes would have been exactly that. You having some kinda fucking death wish. I was on Figueroa today, and I saw some teenagers crossing the street. One of them had a Braves hat on with a red brim and one had on a all brown shirt. I remember when you […]

Frank 151 – Time is Money Cap

This looks like some shit Flavor Flav should/would rock. lol But what it is, is a New Era – Frank 151 collaboration. While I definitly believe time is money. Imma have to not spend my money on this. Mainly because hats look retarded on me. They just do, its tragic, oh well. The time on the hat, of course is 1:51 am or pm. Couldnt tell you which one its suppose to be. I suppose that would all depend on if you were making money at 1:51 am or 1:51 pm. Now its doubly sad I cant rock this hat, […]