Blogging Guttie Shit You Tube

One of the best things 2009 will give us.

Snoop has a new show that Ive been bullshiting on adding to my DVR. But not after this shit here.

For the fascist RSS readers like on Facebook that refuse to bring in youtube video. Here’s the link

First of all. If you are a reader of this blogger or if you just happen to know me well… you know that I think SugaFree is great. After this video, its probably safe to say he is a modern day prophet. LMAO Fucking SHIT! I really do believe the greatness of SugaFree is under estimated. The shit that jumps out of this mans mouth is …… I dont know what the hell to say. Shits amazing. I met this man one day… fittingly at a hotel. To make a long story short. Its not an act. This nigga walks around with pimp jokes that females magically dont fucking hear lmao. I was at an event, this is why I was at this hotel. SugaFree preformed. I ended up seeing this man in a hall way some where leaving the after party. The girl I was with wanted to take a picture with him. So I took a picture and what not… but during this whole exchange. This nigga cracked like 4 pimp jokes that had me crying laughin and both females were lookin at us like… what the fuck is so funny?!? I dont know why they werent laughing. They heard what the nigga said and responded. I dont know where and how they missed it. Dont asked me what was said. I just remember laughin like a muhfucka and this nigga giving me the “these hoes dont talk our language look” like he did in the video. Shit was hilarious. Im glad this man got his life back together.

I think the song that goes with this shit is the real killer tho. gotdamn. Snoop is the best nigga ever in the whole wide world for putting SugaFree on TV like this for the world to partake lol.

But… the best line of the whole year. And I seriously challenge anybody to even TRY to beat this lol. “oh he must be different? – of course we different bitch! We Pimps! You…. HUMAN!”


if you dont find that overly hilarious. I pity you and your boring perspective lol.


Contrasting Perspectives

My cousin Drew, aka, Con-Drucius says:

Holding on to perspectives; We as a species are forever stuck in a state of intellectual infancy as long as people often name their children Hope or Faith but never Reason or Logic.

OJ Says:

whats wrong with that? somebody gotta do the hard work. fuck the dumb.


We cant all be smart. God doesnt want it that way (according to me and as far as i can tell). Nothing would get done.


Mellow Yellows

Blog post for the fuck of it.

Liz has a great lens on her camera. I need to get up on it. I already steal her Blogger entries. lol Shes lucky I dont have a Nikon or I would have pocketed that shit lol.

I also posted these because I have a Flickr account now. I tried not to believe in that shit for a long time. But fuck it lol.


Paul Pierces Self Delusions of Grandeur

Recently when asked if he thought Kobe Bryant was the best player in the world, Paul Pierce had this to say: I don’t think Kobe is the best player. I’m the best player. There’s a line that separates having confidence and being conceited. I don’t cross that line but I have a lot of confidence in myself.”

lol What? I wont go into the backwards logic this nigga clearly subscribes to. I just wanna know how he think he the best player in the world, and what gives that claim ANY validity.

Paul won a (as in 1) title? Great, Kobe has won more than that.

Kobe had Shaq? Paul had Garrnett AND Ray Allen. A team with 3 allstars should win a championship. Ask the detriot pistons. And oh yea… The Lakers ntoo. Ask Kobe in fact how it is to play on a team with hella all stars and win a championship, he knows. But good for you anyway Paul.

Can paul score 81 points in a game? No. A game that your team was behind in at one point? No.

Paul, what was you over there doing while your team was wack? Not making the playoffs. IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE! When Shaq left, Kobe was still making playoff appearances and making bids for MVP. After fucking ANTIONE WALKER and his wack ass left boston, the team couldnt even make the playoffs. With the self proclaimed best player in the world as the go to guy.

Speaking of MVP, how man times has paul been in the running, as a SERIOUS contender? Not more than Kobe.

Kobes team wasnt even suppose to make it TO the playoffs this year, and especially not the finals. What about yall paul? Yall have been a shoe in… SINCE you got KG. Who was up for MVP. Didnt hear your name come up all that often. Maybe a few times. But nobody was really serious about that bullshit.

Defense? 1st team? 2nd team? how many times? Paul? anything?

If radmonovitch was guarding Kobe in the finals. what do you think would have happen Paul? Right… I’ll let that horror show play in your head like we all watched happen for us foreal.

Way to not put any thought into that shit. Because clearly those things did no pop in that niggas head.

Somebody get this niggas brain a wheel chair or something.



A Billi and a Trilli

Here goes a video of Busta Rhymes explaining why Jay-Z decided to kill the A Milli Beat. Niggas must have been feeling great that night. Just imagine being a very paid Black Man, around other Black Men who are your equals ( Moving up in the world usually means your nigga company thins the fuck out. Its super wack ). Here you all are, watching another successful Black Man solidifying is bid for the highest office in the land. That had to feel fucking great. Hopefully one day I can be in that same company. Oh yea, the video…

Secondly though… If you havent heard that Busta Rhymes I Got Bass track yet. You are seroiusly missing the fuck out. That shit is fucking bangin! More than anything this man has put out since maybe his second CD. Foreal. Ive been a BussaBuss fan since LONS then when he started killing niggas on remixes of they own songs, from the first album till now. He aint never made no shit like this. But this is Classic Buss. I feel like this is maybe top 3 Buss all time. Seriously. If he put out a remix with a bunch of niggas on it. I might not even listen to that shit. There aint too many niggas that could keep up with some thing THIS fuckin bangin. I know im hyping it alot, but I dont fucking care.
I wont even go into how I’m constantly perplexed that niggas never mention this man when they talk about the greatest.

Anyway, if some how you dont have these two tracks, you may obtain them here:

Jay-Z – A Billi

Busta Rhymes – I Got Bass

Bangladesh is fucking awesome. Fuck.


The Exchange 005: JORGE!

Another week, another Exchange drop from the crew. This week our theme is JORGE!, because today is George’s birthday!
The Playlist:

Jen | Can’t C Me – Tupac feat. George Clinton
OJ | King George – Roy Ayers
Ouxu | So Fresh So Clean – Outkast
BK | Think – James Brown
Cye | Georgy Porgy – Eric Benet & Faith Evans
Liz | Booti Call – Blackstreet
Marcia | Mack the Knife – Louis Prima & Louie Armstrong
Sam | Synthesizer – Outkast feat. George Clinton
Marcia | Ooh Wee – Mark Ronson, Ghostface & Nate Dogg
Kate | Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations
Jen | Jorge – Nightmares On Wax

Listen Here:
Stream on Muxtape & Download on Zshare

Dammit Man, firstly before whats suppose to be first. Let me take one sentence to bitch about the fact that I need some kind of WYSIWYG editor for EE. I would have posted this a long time ago, but the current EE Text editor makes it virtually impossible to copy Liz’s (or somebody elses) entry with out me doing any real work that isnt just copy and pasting.
Anyway. This here exchange is for one of the coolest niggas I’ve met all month lol. Jorge. I picked the track I picked because I just happen to be listening to Roy Ayers earlier in the day, and that track come on. It all worked out. We put this together days (a week or so? lol) ago, before this mans birthday, before I actually me him. But as luck would have it, post meeting, I would have picked this same track. Liz and I kicked it with Jorge and his homeboys on Saturday at Venice. Had the greatest time ever. These niggas had us in stitches lol. High Fives all around. Now let me stop bullshiting and fuck with the gym foreal. And run off this liquor from Bennys strong ass drinks lol.


Still Smokin On Some Dro – Duckin The PoPo

This shit is fuckin bangin. This man fucked up this Still Tippin beat. Gotdamn.
You know, I really like Ludacris. I think he is underrated in some aspects of MC’n. However, I’ve never manged to listen to a whole Ludacris album. I just cant bring myself to do it for whatever reason. I rarely really like the tracks he have on his albums lol. Its weird.

Anyway, here is the track I was talking about:


Sigh, in unrelated news. This site is still ugly and its starting to bother me lol. But not enough for me to spend my free time doing something about it. Oh the conflict. How will it end?


Album Review: 2 for 1 Skillz and Murs

I typed and retyped the title of this like 8 or 9 times, thinking that some how some way some asshole would think that some how skillz and murs did an album together. As dope as that would be. Thats not whats going on here. I was trying to come up with a snazzy title that reflected that sentiment, but I had to be honest with myself about how much I really cared about any possible mass confusion the title may or may not cause in the end. Very little.

So I was sitting here and decided to give two albums a quick listen. First Skillz – The Million Dollar Backpack.

Was this a million dollar album? Unfortunately, it was not. And I do convey that news with an extremly heavy heart. Im not saying it sucked. Im just saying a nigga like myself was bored. There were maybe 3 tracks on the whole shit I would want to play again. I couldnt see this album growing on me none what so ever. For Skillz, I’d try. But Im pretty sure Im cool on this album. I dont know, maybe it was too jazzy. Im not a laid back hiphopper so much. Or maybe he was talking about females like every gotdamn track. Im used to Skillz murdering beats. I do understand niggas need to be on other shit. But damn. I loved his first album. That shit was bangin. I actually PURCHASED that shit. That was way way back in the day though lol.
Anyway… maybe I dont know what im talking about. But this album was definitely mostly boring except for like 3 tracks. Id name them, but fuck it, you can find out for your self and form your own opinion. This is just what I think.

Next Up: Murs & 9th Wonder: Sweet Lord

This album is free for download at
Sigh, after watching the video on site I almost feel bad about saying I dont like this album. Especially since it was free lol. I guess this would be the perfect time for which ever asshole to be like well you get what you pay for. But fuck that. That aint what this is about. This is really just my opinion. Rather I got it free, or free lol. The album would have been great. But clearly this nigga is in love or something. I dont know what the fuck is going on. Are more mature rappers getting married or super smitten these days? I wouldnt care what my relationship or love status was. I cant sit through a whole bunch of rap songs about some girl. I really liked Ms Phat Booty and that shit got old quick. I need love got old quick. Its just not me. It might be some other people that aint me, and thats fantastic.
You should download this album, you will really like it, if thats you. As for me. I listened to the track listing backwards regrettably, because everything I wanted to listen to was in the front of the shit. Dah well.
Im cool on this joint too. Hopefully the upcoming album will be better.


Officer Ross

This is the fucking guts!!! If you havent heard, apparently this nigga Rick Ross used to be a Corrections Officer at a jail in Miami. Dont believe its true?

So like I was saying, THIS shit is the guts. .First this nigga said that the picture was fake and was manufactured by somebody fake to entertain the fake. You know. Ive been on the internet for a long ass time. Not only that, but Id like to think I have my ghetto stripes, earned and true. So my experiences and observations over time usually have told me, people that use the word “fake” alot, are usually super full of shit! They boost and brag about how they real I’m this that and the thrid, you the fake person you the this that or whatever. Then the truth smacks them upside their head violently.

Its a little bit of a mystery to me, how time and time again, the same thing happens. Do fraudulent people not have some kind of tactical news letter or underground message board or something? You would think somebody would come with a better plan eventually. But nope. Most people do the same shit every time. Whats even worse, is that these people are so hard to spot. Well, maybe not in this fat niggas case.

I dont follow this nigga at all. But I hear that he claims that one day he just took over which ever scene that he proclaims he took over in relation to his raps and the streets. Right. If you’ve ever spent a good amount of time “on the streets” you can basically bet, that SOMEBODY knows you from SOME WHERE. Nigga, nobody comes from no where. Somebody in your hood is suppose to know you, and not just when MTV cameras come around and your home boys come out they cousin house talkin about yea thats my nigga he been here for a min n shit.

Take me. I’m from LA. From 53rd and Hoover.

View Larger Map
The house on the right, is my Grandma’s old house (RIP) We used to live in the house in the back. You see that long drive way? Back there. LOL the house used to be Red. If you drag the the picture to look “behind you” per-say. You will see that niggas Marks car lol. Im not sure if its that nigga standing out there. But Im sure one of them niggas last names is Jackson lol. Aaaah, I need to go post over there. I remember back in the day, Having that red ass car on that block WAS NOT safe lol. But Anyway….

Now if I jumped up any where, and tried to make a living, talking about Yea I be crippin it up. I used to be a hoover groover crip and all that. You can go back to this street right here, and find one of the Jacksons and ask about OJ’s crippin past. Them niggas will tell you there isnt one lol. Maybe my Uncle Kerry.
So it would be stupid of me to claim I bang anything. Not only that, but get up there and front and lie and make money off the fact that I did all these things. Of course you can make the argument that no real thug can really rap. I agree. But a CO nigga??!?!?! Thats way too much for me lol. AND the fact this nigga got up there and tried to insult niggas intelligence talking about my shit is 100% real. Even if this fat fuck was never a CO. Nigga you expect me to believe all the shit you talk is real? Im sorry, if this nigga didnt cross the line by lying about being a cop, trying to tell me all this drug talk you got doing on is real is super pissing me off lol. This is irritating me more than Jezzy talkin about he keep his stash at his fucking auntie house. Stupid nigga. Nigga, shut the fuck up Nigga. Please.

lol the fake entertaining the fake, Nigga please. Then what do liars do to entertain themselves nigga? Lie to the public and laugh behind the scenes until they are outted? Maybe that nigga should go ask Bush lol. I would really like to see what happens with this nigga after this. This is good lol. This is the best thing since…. I honestly dont know when. Im sure it will come to me eventually.

Now excuse me while I go entertain myself with more fake shit lol. Maybe I’ll go download this niggas album or something lol Seems good lol lol not really. That nigga is wack to boot on top of everything lol


The New Blah Blah

Wow, this shit is ugly lol. Oh well. I feel like I have one of the ugliest sites on the internet now lol. Now that it matters, but this shit is kinda killing me lol. Oh well lol

I decided to switch every last inch (for the most part lol) of my site to Expression Engine. While WordPress will always have a special place in my heart, I must move the hell on lol. That shit just doesnt really do what I need it to do. Im a person that needs options. With wordpress, you need a whole bunch of plugins to do shit, and when there is an update, that shit might not work. Its a SUPREME pain in the ass. Also, I have a ton of fucking sites. Do you know how long it takes to update even 6 wordpress sites? Imagine like damn near 20. And if 1 plugin is a bitch to fuck with on 1 site. Must I continue? This shit even has a gallery, and message board. Two other things I can integrate, and not have to update separately. Super great if you ask me.

There are a couple of draw backs. This admin panel time out time is getting on my gotdamn nerves.

But other than that, I basically have a new toy lol.

I was gonna put together a whole new snazzy site and what not. But Im hella busy these days. So fuck it. I wasnt about to just wait around. Well… I kinda was bullshiting. I thought I had time to put together a lil somethin somethin. Nope. Oh well. So this shit is gonna look shitty until I get time to spiffy it up some. Dah well.

I must admit though, I kinda had to prove to my self that I could actually do this. This shit is so ugly. But fuck it lol. Everything doesnt have to be perfect. The other day, for the first time in my life, I actually walked out the house in basketball shorts, and didnt go play basketball. You dont understand, Im a person who will iron a shirt to go to the grocery store. I swear lol.

So, this will stay looking like this, and I’ll fix it when I get time. But I love this shit in the mean time. When I imported everything, my categories got fucked to hell. Dah well. But damn, my archive list is kinda long. I wonder where I would be if I would have been consistent over the last few years.

Lastly, I have snazzed up a expression engine site. There is a new Grey Republic site up. It goes down.