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Hello Brooklyn, How Ya Doin?

Jay Z – “Hello Brooklyn” from Greg Solenström on Vimeo.

This is an awesome video. I like the original version better, but this is perfect for this video. The text going with the video wouldnt have matched with the other beat. Well, it would have, but I dont think it would have flowed well… or smoothly rather.

I want to get into video editing more and do shit like this. But that shit is more tedious than flash. And today was the first time I’ve opened flash in a long ass time. Like over 2 years lol. Some people might find that hard to believe.

Art Digz & Kickz

Vote For Hydo / Kush Is Good

Sometime in 2004 or 2005, I was noticing that every celebrity was coming out with some kind of clothing line or perfume line or some kind of other line of whatever the hell. So as a joke, I said, Im going to make a Clothing line called "Chronic Couture". So of course, random OJ. One blowed day, I was watching a Laker game or something and I just ended up making a couple just to pass some time. I put up a t-shirt store on spreadshirt and just let these just sit there. I told a few people about them. But no major marketing effort. I thought it was more funny than anytyhing.

But now, there is a new measure on the ballot here in California to really legalize Marijuana. Real reform and regulation (Visit for more info). And Im all for it. So to show my support I am relaunching my "VOTE FOR HYDRO" T-Shirts. Because Pedro cant do shit for you! Hydro brings joy to every ones lives, brings people together and will bring the state out of financial anarchy lol. With every purchase a donation will be made towards the cause!

Also, because I love women smokers. There are Vote For Hydo t-shirts for women as well


There are a few different colors and styles available. More after the jump.


I Love Downtown LA

Im so happy that the city is making something of Downtown LA. Ive always liked Downtown LA. I was born close to Downtown. I actually went to pre-school Downtown. Across the street from Trade-Tech, where my Mom went to school when I was little. Maybe thats why I like Downtown so much.

I took these pictures before the homie Marks birthday party (and during lol). A friend of his has one of those new snazzy places Downtown and they have a rooftop lounging area. Its super nice. However, it was cold as FUCK up there lol.


Here is the whole set:

And here are alot of my favorites….

Art Music Video Reviews

Jay-Z Typography Video

This video is dope. Not the most entertaining video in the world. Unless you REALLY love anything Brooklyn, including just watching the letters repeat over and over again. However, As a person who works in motion graphics and art daily. I think this shit is fucking dope!

Jay-Z on iLike – Get updates inside iTunes

Ive been to New Jersey and New York a few times. The circumstances surrounding my visiting though, super fucked up. But whatever. Ive always wanted to post up in Brooklyn for a while. Alot of my favorite rappers are from Brooklyn and rep super hard. Brooklyn niggas seem to love Brooklyn like LA niggas love LA. Maybe thats why I have a thing for Brooklyn. When it warms up out there. Imma find my way out there. I hope Jen has enough room for a nigga lol.