Uhmah Park

a few weeks back… the funnist shit happen. this little boy at the national spelling bee, fucking fainted when asked to spell a word he had never heard of and didnt know exsisted. wooooooo it was one of the top 10 funniest things to happen this year, i promise.
He steped up to the mic, with his hands tuked firmly in his pockets, they told him to spell some long ass word ( like imma know how to spell it… honestly! ). This little muthafucka eyes got SO BIG! it was like he had just seen the most shocking shit a 12 year old could possibly see ever in his megar 12 years of life. it was like a pokemon jumped out… did the robot and then threatened to rip off his legs and beat him to death with them shits. so yea… his eyes got big as fuck… and then he started so slowly stumble off to the left and just passed out on the kids in the front rows shins. and the two funniest things happen at that moment… 1. none of the kids he fuckin landed on… tried to help his ass up! lmao gotdamn… i knew kids were cruel. but fuck lol nobody bent down or anything. not even the adults managing the shit really made a solid effort to help him. 2. ok… so the little muthfacka passes out right? he falls n shit… and he is on the ground… sleep for a few seconds… but if youve seen the pictures… peep them shits out. HE NEVER TOOK HIS HANDS OUT HIS FUCKING POCKETS!!!!! i couldnt believe that shit!!!! i damn near suffocated from laughter when i noticed that shit LMAO!!! GOTDAMN!!!! and i dont know if im imagining shit or if i just dont remember all the way… but i dont remember that boy taking his hands out of his pockets to get up either! LMAO!!!! FUCK!! LMAO!!! that shit was the fucking guts!!! ah man….
The dudes on sportscenter was SO COLD about this shit too. they was talkin SHIT the whole gotdamn show. i really do wish sportscenter had fucking reruns… i watched every last playing of that shit all that day… i couldnt stop laughin. anyway… that SAME day… me and max were talking and of course. i saw and oppertunity for a very relivant joke.

MAX: ‘s goin on
OJ: shit
OJ: im hyper
MAX: I, conversely, am not
OJ: good word!
MAX: what, conversely?
OJ: yea nigga lol
MAX: spell it
OJ: what?!?!
MAX: lmao
OJ: *eyes get big*
OJ: *staggers to the left*
OJ: *faints on somebodys knees and shinns*
OJ: *hands still in pockets*
MAX: ___________
MAX is idle at 2:59:45 PM.
MAX: that was classic
OJ: lol this nigga here
MAX: I thought that shit was a joke when I first seen ole boy faint
OJ: lol that shit is funny as fuck im sorry
MAX: it is

Now let me tell you something about max… if youve ever talked to him on an instant messenger. the going joke ( amongst me and a couple of other people what he has known for a min ) is that max dont ever laugh lol. nigga just dont lol. not really… you might get a lil “lol” out of him, but going for more than that is a fuckin long shot. i think me and calvin had a contest one time to see who could make this nigga laugh the most. it could have not been. but i remember having a bet with somebody. But, ive kicked it with max more than a few times and im here to tell ya… that nigga always laughs. ( or maybe i just crack alot of jokes lol ) so yea… that shit was the guts. and certifiable if max laughed at it lol.

and then… to make the murder complete… i was asking kwasi if he had seen the shit and here is what he had to say:

KWASI: he’s like one of those faintin goats
KWASI: have u ever seen them shits
KWASI: if they get excited their muscles stiffin up and they fall out
OJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
OJ: gotdamn that has to be some funny shit to see
KWASI: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jimknapp/goats.html
OJ: this picture is the guts!!!! LOL
KWASI: yes i have to find some video of those fewls
KWASI: it’s funny as shit

oh fuck.. this shit is funny all the fuck over again lmao. the white people on the page posing with the gotdamn fainting ass goats are just as gotdamn funny damn near… and for whatever reason i cant put my finger on why.
wooo shit lol.
anyway… thats two entries in one day.

im out.