Uhmah Park

… because if some assholes breaks out with bag pipes playing amazing grace… i want you to shoot in thier general direction.


…. if not… ill haunt you till you get your neck snapped off by Roys tiger lol, or you suffer some other humilating grusom ass death lol.

if you love me… youll pull that trigger!

… well… if your not so bold to just dump on a muhfucka… maybe you can get a chair or a bat or a blunt object or something like that, and Tanya Harding the muthafuckas on the bag pipes! something… dont let that shit ride yall… please! lol

Bag pipes were crafted by the Devil…. lol literaly. lol… they were crafted by the devil to make a mockery of every instrument ever invented lol Even the accordon. lol


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