Brand New Law

i wish i had DJ Clue ass introducing me before i buss this shit… like

BRAND NEW LAW!!! *echo*! *Echo* REAL SHIT!!! *echo*

then id come in and say what i gotta say…


it should be against the law to have a stressfull saturday…
shit… a stressfull weekend for that matter.

unless it envoles Family or Friends…….. or ass lol

shit… and not even then… well… not often at least.

anyway… i have to piss.

3 Responses to “Brand New Law”

  1. woo, i hate DJ CLUE loud, screaming punk ass. i hate when i download a song off the internet and go to play it and the beat start and i start feelin it then this mufucka bust out talkin bout, “NEW LUDACRIS!!!!!! DESERT STORMMMMMMMMM! DJ CLUEEEEEEEEE!” i be wantin to smack his ass for interupting my song, he need to stay on MTV and sdfu. lol.

  2. actually dj clue screaming annoys the hell out of me…i hate that shit with a passion…you know how it is when your trying to bump your jam and this dude screamin on your shit during the hottest parts…ugghhh…*rolling eyes…i have vowed to never buy his shit again…one luv

  3. Tommy!

    lol…i had to do that shit too…anyway im glad i aint the only foo who hates that stupid ass screamin foo Clue…that muthafucka busted my speakers doin that shit..damn…oh and fuck Kslays loud ass too…