Uhmah Park

man… i hate this time of the year.

what time of year is that? that fucking holiday season. i cant stand it…. this is the part of the year where OJ turns to the dark side… Anger leads to Hate… Hate leads to the Dark side. we all know the story. and from the middle of october till febuary… im in a hateful ass mood, after feburary passes… and i get my valentines day on … heh! im just comfortably numb, and try to go into hiding for all of March… untill April, when its about to stop raining and then May come around. and every thing is right with the world once more. ( i cant wait! )

Halloween, ThanksGiving, and FUCKING Xmas i hate them all. im good after that… i love new years. new years cracks. drinking all night… then football all the next day?! it goes down lol. its like an extra weekend lol.

But fuck…Three CORNY ASS holidays in a row. its the worst shit ever… Halloween is SUPER Corny… ive never been a big dress up person. When i was young… living in south central, my parents would never take me trick or treating… and i wanted to go SO BAD… but they was on some fuck that shit ( it just wasnt the safest shit to do lol i understand ). By the time i was 9 and moved to Fontana, that was the first time i got my trick or treat on… i used to LOVE that shit. but… around 12… that shit played the fuck out. and dressing up was a big pain in the ass. so what i used to do is dress in all black… and tell people i was the boogie man or id make up some shit… and walk from house to house with no bag eating candy lol. im not a big candy person either… so id only do like two blocks and go back in the house and watch the fuckin football game. either that… or scare the SHIT out of people jumpin out of trees n shit! that shit there was overwhemingly fun as fuck! But… those days are LONG gone… and im SUPER cool on halloween… it sucks, the whole costume dress up shit is retarded to me. im just not into it… i hate it. alot.

ThanksGiving isnt so much of a pain in the ass as halloween is… the principals behind the whole shit tho… i cant get with at all. However… no matter what i do, this shit isnt going anywhere, so why not make the best of it? My dad would rather not participate AT ALL. but ummm… free food? pssssshhh lol everybody is off? it kind cracks. people like to say, yea if you go have thanksgiving dinner youre participating and yap yap yap. honestly… believe what you want to. im not trying to stick around and pray and talk about the shit im thankful for… honestly im thankful everyday… i can think of more than 10 times… eeehhh i came pretty close to not being able to sit here and bullshit to type this shit here out. so why post up one whole day to give thanks? why not be thankful everyday? this has to be some catholic shit lol. anyway. i dont really associate with too many people in my family… so me and my cousins ( read – extended family lol ) and friends usually get together some where on ThanksGiving day and we have our own little BlowedGiving. wwwooooo that shit cracks… this years should be fucking GRRRREAT! lol what i really hate about thangsgiving tho… other than the principals behind the shit… is the GOTDAMN commercials and TV specials… not including football of course! shit is irritating.

Xmas… i wont even get into. im so irritated right now i really dont know what id do after i got finished typing bout that there bullshit.

So… screw the holiday season… its the worst shit ever. it does have its benifits i suppose… but im still gonna be Darth O around this bitch lol.

anyway…. id like to thank all the people who sent me emails and instant messages conserned about my family and these fucking fires. My parents live out in Fontana… NORTH fontana… the fires got super close to thier house… i was out there when the shit was REAL BAD… it looked like dantes inferno out that muthafucka. the fires got as close to a mile from my parents house. but there really isnt too much brush or anything to catch on fire… all the roofs in thier neighborhood are ceramic tile and wont catch fire… and stucko dont catch… so they was cool… my dad wasnt worried… so there was no need for me to worry.
UNTILL i found out that Simi Valley was on fire… why does that bother you OJ? are you worried about all the pinkos houses burning to the ground?
no… i could care less… BUT i was watching that shit burn eastward to Porter Ranch ( north of northridge )… where me and sylvia are moving in less than a week! i just watched that shit like ahh fuuuuuck… i wasn ALL that worried.. that fire had to burn down a toys r us… a walmart … a ralphs… a sporting good store… a Rite Aid AND several million dollar homes before it got to my shit. so i was cool… they put up a big ass stand in chattsworth and stoped it. honestly… i would have been a lil worried if walmart would have caught on fire lol
But yea… thats right… OJ is on the move again.
im moving from skanless ass reseda to porter ranch with the white people. advantage? nobody will DARE steal my shit lol. disadvantage… ALL the pinkos and thier bullshit. like a nigga gettin pulled over… ” ummm yea… what are YOU doing up here ……………. sir? “. oh he drives too fast. oh he is rude. oh he is big black and scary… its ok i have the police on speed dail. the fake waves and smiles, all that shit. im actually used to it. When i first moved to fontana… there was nothing but white people living out there ( hm… i wonder where all them muthafuckas went? lol ). and then when we moved to Alta Loma, same shit. Some people are bothered by living amongst white people. but it doesnt bother me… its a BIT inconveniant (sp) but not a big deal.
So, OJ why do you feel you need to move to a white neighborhood? Why not move to a Black Neighborhood?
Well…. i used to live in the ” Black Part of Town “, La Dera Heights… but i was paying 2k a month in RENT! Gas over there is high… food is high… the homes are traggicly over priced… and worst of all… far worse than anything… which is honestly the number ONE reason ill NEVER move back over there… the fucking cable SUCKS! gotdamn…. after they blacked me out of the first laker playoff game… i was ready to BOUNCE!!! SCREW la dera heights… its nice tho lol. i loved living over there… minus the janky ass cable situation. it wasnt ONLY the cable… it was the internet too… that shit was GOD awful. its just a bad situation over there.
The only other area out in Los Angeles, that could maybe be considered a Black Part of town would probably be Carson. Which aint so bad… but its too far from Syls family…. so thats out… plus… i dont really like carson all that tuff… too much street driving and the carson mall sucks. After that… of course you have ingelwood and all that other shit… which im extra cool on.
Honestly, i love LA… but ill NEVER move back to the inner city. ONLY because, LA is TOO gotdamn cold for me! out in the valley its nice and hot like i like it. LA weather change all the gotdamn time. during the day it will be 80 degrees… and come 9pm shit drop to 60! most people dont think 60 is cold… but LA niggas break out with sweat shirts and jackets when 60 roll around ( and my anemic ass be thinking its about to fuckin snow ). alot of times you will be ASSED OUT if you was walking around during the day with shorts or something summer like on. it doesnt crack at all. So… for that SOLE reason ill be staying my Black ass in the valley… everything i need is out here, and LA is just a 15 min ride away. depending on what time of the day lol.


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