Uhmah Park

I would like to say thank you to all the people that turned out for blowedgiving 2004 ( even tho, only like 1 of them actually read this here shit lol )… it was great… i know i had a good ass time. shot out to max for bring the grey goose!

i was pretty damn blowed all day… then i got drunk ( it was the grey goose )… which was great. i didnt know shit from shit the whole day really. my parents came thru, my dad was crackin all kinds of jokes. and then him and my mom went back and forth talkin shit to each other. some of my friends came thru and ate.

My sister cooked… we didnt have a normal thanksgiving dinner… because……….. we dont celerbrate that shit lol. so we cooked whatever… we did have a turkey, but then we also had a big ass pot of chilli beans, macorni and cheese ( made from scratch ), chicken enchilada casorole, potato salad, my father made me 4 sweet potato pies ( SHITS WAS GREAT! ), and a bomb ass salad. by the time it was all said and done wasnt shit really left over… there is some turkey and some beans, but thats it. lol shit was good.

i think i got a lil too fucked up tho ( Which was the whole point ). because i was doing something and had to STOP… why? because the room began to rotate! that shit did one full rotation, and i was like fuck all that! took my black ass a seat! lol. or layed on the floor rather… right behind tha chair max was sitting in. i figued, max is bigger than me… i can probably just hide out behind here and black out till the room stops rotating! then… as soon as i got situated and what not… i had a thought. “if this nigga farts, im sooooooooo assed out….” but i was honestly way too fucked up to get up off the ground. so i was at the mercy of this niggas bowels lol. until my sister was called me because she couldnt find some shit or somethin…. i dont know… whatever it was… my presence was demanded in the kitchen. i peeled my self up off the floor… addressed the problem and plopped on the couch and blacked the fuck out in a room full of people being hella loud, laughin and cracking jokes. it was great.

next year, we MIGHT do it all over again… but it might be a potluck situation… i dont know about sponsering niggas good time lol.


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