Uhmah Park

ah man… one holiday down. Two to go, sigh. this bullshit. i hate it.


i am looking forward to Blowed Giving, also known as Thanks for Giving us Weed and Alcohole day!
I dont believe in ThanksGiving AT ALL, but i AM an oppertunist. Free Food… and good ass left overs? im all over it homie. i see it as a come up. others see it as celerbrating. whatever. fuck them. lol. But since i dont really fuck with my relitives that celerbrate that bullshit too tuff anymore. I am now taking advantage of everybodies day off. On ThanksGiving we are gonna celerbrate Blowed Giving. On Blowed Giving, what we do is get really fuckin blowed. for the whole day. lol from the time you get to the house, till you pass out, sober up and leave lol.

last year i got my family man on, and saw my cousins i aint seent in a while. But the first Blowed Giving…. WOOOOO we got fucked up. we didnt even get to drink… we smoked…. ate… slept….. woke up, smoked…. ate… slept… this went on for like 36 hours lol. it was the greatest thing ever. i cooked, my cousins brought over some smoke. and that was all she wrote! lol this year we plan to do the same. excpet for my sister is gonna cook this time, we are gonna smoke and drink this time. football in the morning…. movies playing, playstation in my room, and plenty of space to pass the fuck out. We are expecting a pretty decent turn out. i know my cousins RJ and JD are gonna be there… i know kkarma and kwasi is gonna be there. i invited all the friends i have out here… i dont know who will come tho, since they all have family shit to do. that nigga Dell is invited… even tho he claims to never be invited to shit, knowing that he dont need a fuckin invitation… bastard. i need to call that nigga theo, but he is family man locc foreal, with a wife and a child. so i dont know if he will come. ( i need to call the nigga tho ). John is getting his texan on. Max will probably come if he is gonna be out here. i need to ask him lol. damn im thinkin im missing somebody. anyway… anybody else wanna come, let a nigga know… just know, that me and my people are CRUEL. everybody is subject to getting they ass talked about…. bad lol. really really bad lol. nobody is safe. espeically when me jd rj and dell is in the same spot… thas yo ass. but… if you got the fortitude… come on thru lol.

Blowed Giving is gonna be great….