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Blogging, The Beggining.

Before i begin. Let it be publicly known that my i am just INCHES pasted Increditably Innbreated. yes. that sounds amazingly accrate at the momment.

And while all that is going on. Im up here watching I love the 80’s Strike Back, and they begin to show a clip of a show i often watched back in the day. Dougie Hoswer MD. Yes. The show that kicked off blogging. I couldnt believe ive never seen it before. Soon as the music started playing it was very clear where the craze orginated. Traggicly however… it took a good 13 years to catch on all the way. But WAY ahead of its time no dout!

lol fucking asshole. what the fuck was he typing about? how old was he suppose to fucking be? i dont know… maybe if i was a kid doctor that was a kid doctor and still had to live at home with my mom… maybe id have to keep a muthafuckin journal too. pissed the fuck off, because all my coleauges were talkin about fuckin… but yet… im a doctor… and dont know SHIT about pussy lol.thas enough to drive a muthafucka crazy. i can do open heart surgery… but i cant drive. nigga please! what the fuck was he suppose to be typing on?! a fuckin tandy? that muthafucka was typing on a black screen with the old ass green type and green block where your letters was suppose to pop up next. lol that shit there.


Speaking of shit that was ahead of its time… that Rodger and Zapp favorite… Computer Love! When did that shit come out? like 85? there was no internet then!!! Zapp and Roger were TOO ahead of thier time! You know what i think? i think they were time travelers. that got adicted to the net… and had internet girlfriends. then they ended up meeting thier internet girlfriends and they where fat and ugly ( with a strange ass oder to them )… zapp and roger was fucking DEVISTATED… so they came back… pissed off… and wrote a song about it. lol that the only way i could imagine they come up with that song. the internet wasnt even on the horizon. i dont know how they could have came up with it. its just not possible at all.
Having feelings for somebody on the internet is the worst shit ever. unless they are local lol that cross state cross country shit is terrible…. and hella fuckin expensive!! gotdamn! muthafuckas had to work they ass off just to call they internet boo 3 states over. If muthafuckas would have just kept it to the internet and less phone bone… they could have afforded to hop on that plan and spend the weekend lol. well maybe not… because they would had to work all kinda fucked up jobs just to pay that high ass muthafuckin phone bill. lol fuck that. i think the person who came with cell phone nation wide nights and weekends free was a victim of this very same shit. because it seemed like that plan was ESPECIALLY for muthafuckas who was on that shit……. if you had decent credit that is. but… that didnt crack… now did it? because your fucking high ass phone bill was always late! lol let me not talk shit. that used to be me. lol not just me… but a buncha muthafuckas i know lol.
lol i feel like i just admited i had a jheri curl at one point lmao ( FYI: i did not! but yea… something similar to that feeling… that i would imagine that somebody that used to rock a jheri curl would feel LOL )

and let me end this shit with a gutty thought….

imagine… manute bol. pop locking, in a be Eazy E kit… locc’s, cortez, penalton, raiders hat all that. and the wild wild west by kool moe dee in the background.


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lol@u….the way u was typing it seemed like u was more on some greens than some drank…..hahaha…mind on some shit like that…cus i know i was sober than a motha watching that show and all i could think was WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH BOY GEORGE’s ass…man that shit right there had me rolling….just him and his wack ass makeup job….i felt like Gilbert Godfrey… “WTF!!!’ …

but even in your self induced stuper (sp eh?) you brought up some good pts….how did they have computer love back then…cus i remember those whack ass comps they had us typing on when i was a shortiii..

You’re a damn fool… I’m gonna get your REAL drunk in Atlanta and take naked pics to post on the net, lol. I’m very interested to see computers when we’re 70… we think our shit is TIGHT, but our great grandkids are gonna be like “that was the worst shit ever!”

In retrospect that is some crazy business Dougie Howser was on. He really was keeping a computer journal before everyone else! I recall him always typing on that little blue screen. That used to be my show though. I missed the 80’s show. Did they discuss how Dougie never got to smash Wanda? He really dragged that relationship out. *sucking teeth* Not that I condone a 15 years old doctor having sexual relations with the neighborhood hottie… but if he’s old enough to give someone a rectal operation I think he should at least be able to go to 2nd base.

You might be the funniest, guttiest, outright mothafuckin hilarious, profoundly thinking nigga alive. Shoot that liquid gift.

I’ll I’m going to say is, no matter what an OJ tells you, I’m not Doogie Houser…that mofo was HELLA smarter than me, and he had a girlfriend (even if he wasn’t smashing)…..

I’ve never thought about ‘Computer Love’ like that… but dang that makes hella sense. The only thing I knew about a computer in 1985 was Burger Time on the Commodore 64!!

ANYTHING about Manute Bol is gutty shi* rofl

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