Uhmah Park

JD is tha nigga….

nigga came thru and i got like 7 cds off the nigga…

tha 4th redman ( doc is the name )

the gorillaz

cut masta kurt ( i think thas tha muhfucka name… he said it was live, fuck it )

tha rza ( first one )

black moon ( onslaught… i think )

dr octogon instrumentals ( tha fuckin regular version wouldnt burn…. i hate niggas who abuse they damn cds…. talkin about it gives them character and life or some dumb shit like that…. retard lol )


BLACK STARR!!! i been tryin to get my hands on this shit for FOREVER!!! i love this shit!

now i have new music to work to…


and lets not forget that nigga brutha dub

came thru and let a nigga copy:

Massive attack ( that shit is fuckin hard… dont ask me which one it is tho lol )

quannum spectrum

tony williams ( lifetime… thas some hard shit right there too )

jaco…. umm pas somethin… ( i forgot dude name… that shit was pretty hard too )

bobby humphry ( tight shit )

billy cobham ( TIGHT SHIT!! )


john coltrane ( a love supreme… that shit is harder than chinese math upside down and backwards half erased in stone! )

so yes… i have some striaght heat to listen to while i get my work on…

which is the reason i havent been posting shit up here lately…

and partly because i wanna change the lay out… but overall… im just too lazy… fuck it lol

i been thinkin about takin this shit down actually…

i just might… fuck it.

1.. 2.. 3.. MOS DEF AND TALIB KWALI!!!

( wooo- *small celerbration* )