Uhmah Park

So i finally got up the doe to get an ipod. i waited and waited till one came out that i could fuck with. Really what kept happening is, i would have to spend my ipod moeny on something or some shit… for like 2 years… i couldnt get one for one reason or another. Ill admit tho, alot of those reasons was just me bullshiting when i had the oppertunity. But like last week when they made the announcement that the new ipods wouls support video and that they fucking came in black nigga! I was determine to get him one. And that i did… however… when i was ready to cop one, they didnt have no 60 gig video ipods in black, and thats what i wanted. They had them shits in white tho. But i couldnt fuck with those… i wanted what i wanted. And i didnt want to order that shit off the site, because it would have taken 5 to 7 days to get my shit, and if imma spend 4 bills, imma need instant gratification. So that money burned a fucking hole in my pocket for 4 days. And after pestering several apple stores and retailers for about three days, i finally found an apple store with a fresh shipment of BlackVideo Ipods. Actually i had my name put on a list, and when they got some in, they called a nigga n shit.

it goes down!

So thrusday afternoon, i took my ass down to the northridge apple store and coped me a 60 gig black ipod, pictured above, and i am a happy muthafucka. ive already put 13 gigs of music on there, and a good 3 videos… one that is a clip of me singing the ompah loompah song i made up about this tall midget girl i saw in target, she was black as a turned off tv, and she had a perm, but her hair was like a big ass ocean spray wave and she fucking had on overalls… so i had to come with a song for her… maybe i might upload it for every ones veiwing pleasure one day. But for now, youll have to get at a nigga in the streets and ask me to show that shit to you on my video ipod… if you wanna see that shit. id upload that shit right now, but im way too drunk and blowed to do that shit successfully at the moment. ( yet i can blog? hm? anyway… )

I got this damn thing mainly to listen to in my car. Because i was tired of burning mp3 cds for my car ( my car deck played mp3 cds ). I have way more music than the law allow, and im always getting new shit, so i constantly have to burn cds. So i wanted to get an ipod and plug that bitch up in my car, and keep it moving… plus id have all my music on call no matter where i went. and basiclly slowly, that is whats happening.

I plan to get an itrip fm transmitter, so that when im rolling with other people in THEIR cars… i can pull out my ipod and impose my music on them some how some way. You know… which ever way i trick they ass to listening to some song i just HAPPEN to have on my ipod that just HAPPENS to be in my pocket lol.



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