Uhmah Park

If you really pay attention to Mikes face, he is serious about not having fathering Billie Jeans child. I WISH hope and fucking PRAY that one day, there is some girl on the Maury Povich show named Billie Jean. And the guy who she thinks is the father, really isnt. I HOPE AND FUCKING PRAY that guy is up on his Micheal Jackson moves and does at LEAST some of this routine in his celebration dance. Because there is ALWAYS a dance or some kind of celebration. Oh, and sings the song of course.

THAT would be way too awesome!!

Just like this performance was! Shit! Some how some way, on twitter, I noticed a few people comparing Beyonces BillboardĀ performanceĀ to this. Nah. But its not really fair to compare the two. We ARE talking about the #ThrillerMaker here. It was just him, no special effects or anything. And its still hard to top. Probably never will be topped. Who am I kidding, it will never be topped. This shit was fucking magical.
I believe its unfair to make a comparison. But thats just me……. and my opinion is everything. All those who dont sign on and think the same way I do are losers to like to lose. lol. So says ME!

Shout out to @Sistertoldja who, when speaking on this subject, which inspired the need to watch this video (IN HD!!) and post it here for all of you to enjoy. Your welcome.