Uhmah Park

A big chronic blunt goes out to my cousin / long time best friend… JD.
On Friday night he had him a Baby girl. Her name is Essence.
i went to go see her saturday afternoon ( i was… SECERTLY , half way drunk friday night, or else i would have went then )
When this nigga sends me pictures ill post em…

i should make a gallery of all the homies kids… only thing is… ALL these niggas have girls….

My Cousin John has a baby girl named Sammy shes 2. she is the smartest 2 year old ive ever known ever. shes also the guts like her daddy lol. and come to think of it… i think he has another babygirl on the way.

The homie Todd… out of all my friends, ive been knowin this nigga the longest… since the 5th grade. when he moved to the house behind me. this nigga has TWO baby girls… and i think i heard he is working on a thrid. his girls names are Tyra and Treasure.

The homie theo… has a baby girl. she is like 5 or 6 i think probably like 7… im sure john or dell will correct me soon. his lil girl name is Mya

but all the close homies have girls… i cant figure it out.

its probably because all these niggas have done females so wrong comin up that this is sweet revenge lol.
shit… if thats the case… im assed out too. shit… all of us are assed out. we will probably all have good looking daughters and lazy ass bullshiting sons lol

but yea… OJ will more than likely be a Goddaddy soon. JD aint really said too much… since he told me that him and his girl wasnt gonna cancel the pregnacy. so i dont know. but last i heard… i was gonna have a Godchild come end of august / sept.

it goes down!

congrats to that nigga JD.


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