Uhmah Park

I absolutely can not stand x-mas.


there is so much bullshit attatched to xmas its not even fuckin funny…

xmas is a pain in the ass honestly.


it does wonders for the economy… so i can bare it… this year it has been a little better… i stayed in the house… didnt watch that much tv… it went ok, id say.

im not really trying to hate on anyones yule tide joy or whatever the fuck… just keep that shit away from me.

but what i hate even more than x mas?

people who call me a fuckin scrooge or a grinch…

i think that shit is a slap in the fuckin face…. both scrooge and the grinch were fuckin sell outs… by the end of both of thier respective stories… they loved christmas and was super happy about the shit and turned a new leaf. fuck both of them!

PLUS that doesnt describe me in the least bit… what a poorly thought out insult… foreal. people dont take the time to come up with cleaver insults like they used to… i swear. everybody is so quick to call somebody a hater and just move on about thier business these days. what ever happen to real good heart felt insults, like ” Sucka ” and ” Jive Turkey “?

i mean if you honestly look a muhfucka in they eye and say to them… SUCKA! and mean that shit… it will have way more effect than just sayin some ol trendy bullshit like ” youre just a hater! “. there isnt really TOO MUCH wrong with calling somebody a hater if its acurate ( ive already talked about this… ) but switch that shit up a little… gotdamn. anyway… i suppose thats another post.

anyway… christmas blows. that shit isnt for me at all. i hate it.

its just another day… that EVERYgotdamn thing is fucking closed except for gas stations and donut shops. i remember once i forgot it was christmas and thought i was about to go to mcdonalds or some shit to get some fries… imagine my muthafuckin surprise when on the way… ALL the stores was dark as fuck… and then when i get to mcdonalds… it too was dark as fuck ( closed for the slow people )… i drove around for a cool min lookin for something to snack on… EVERYFUCKING thing was closed… even alot of gas stations was closed… i think that shit steped up my x mas hatred like 3 steps lol.

i have to admit tho… i did watch how the grinch stole christmas… the new one with jim carey… that shit was tha fuckin GUTS…

and i did download a chirstmas song… the OLD shit from a christmas on death row… with snoop… called santa claus is coming straight to the ghetto lol….

and the kidnap the sandy claus song from nightmare before x mas is halarious lol