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Back down memory lane…

i was bumpin my oldies last night ( extra unsober )… and decided to look thru old pictures and ended up posting them shits in my photogallery.

and since i have a lil time to kill… i thought id share a lil bit. These pictures are extra old… they are post highschool, BARELY! these are circa 97 to about 2000. when a nigga was broke and in school. actually from 97 to 2000 a buncha different shit happen. in some of these pictures i was at home visiting from phoenix. some of them i was already graduated and not being an architech like i was suppose to be, and doing all kinda other shit. and i think a couple of these i was fresh out of highschool. and for some reason… i have a tendancy to take pictures at different times with the same shit on ( if anybody has ever noticed ). like some of these pictures werent even taken in the same year… yet. i have the same fuckin sweatshirt on… probably because its my favorite sweatshirt, ( i have two now ) but still. eh… anyway.

This picture here, i think i was about 20. and i dont know who took that picture or why they was so damn close to me at the time lol. but thats how i look with no hair on my face. if i shaved all my shit off tommorrow. id look eactly like this lol.

Wooo, this shit here! When i moved home from phoenix… i weighed like 195 pounds ( im a healthy 230 now ). i was that starving student back in AZ boy… gotdamn lol. i used to never eat lol. i remember the homie Todd ( not the one in the picture ), this cool white dude i used to go to highschool with… he saw me when i was on my way walkin into the grociery store one day. and he was like ” oh wow! OJ! how ya doin man… long time no see! ” and all that.. then… this muthafucka kinda steped back… and looked at me again like what the fuck? then, he leans in… because he wasnt trying to put me on blast like that… and he asked me ” dude… youre not on drugs or anything, youve lost a LOT of weight man! ” this nigga rj, who was with me at the time, feel the fuck out. that shit was so funny. i had to explain how i just got back from college and a nigga wasnt eating all the time. shit was the guts!

The Gangsta Mobile! Damn… this car gave me so much trouble. not because it was a bucket… actually it ran real good. me and my dad took care of the engine and working parts of the car. but just because this is the prefered transportation of the california gang member. these ( 84 oldsmobile cutlass supreme ). ive gotten pulled over in this car so much… ive been hit up in this car too many times… niggas done pulled on the side of me madd doggin a nigga somethin cold. on some… where you from homie? i remember one time i was on crewenshaw, and got pulled over TWICE in the same hour. got pulled over on crewnshaw and imperial… then on crewnshaw and praire. same shit happen another time in culver city too actually. i was pissed lol.

TTP The Peoples Pipe! This was JD’s baby for a long ass time. he used to make the muhfuckas that smoked out of it sign it. lol this nigga was convinced it got you way higher than you would normally be if you smoked a blunt or some other shit lol. i emailed him and asked him what happen to it earlier… he said somebody broke that shit long time ago. dah well.

gutty shit…. lol this shit… i used to have this picture on my black planet page with a graphic stateing how i refused to sign anybodys fuckin guestbook. that shit still irriates me, every time i think about it lol. i hate guestbooks lol.

this picture here i dont know where i was goin… or what the fuck i was cheesin for. i miss my cal hat tho lol. imma have to get another one. Anyway. if you look to the left. those are some other older pictures of me.
in the very top left corner. thats my Senior picture. i was 17 and i love the shirt i got on in that shit. if i wouldnt have ripped a big ass hole in it. id still wear it to this day, i swear. The picture to the right of that, of me in the lil heart. thats one of my many baby pictures. i had a lil fro lol. The picture down to the left of that. of me in the white shirt… hmm ive been staring at that shit trying to remember what grade i was in when i took that picture. i think it was 4th or 5th grade. and i had on my FAVORITE white guess shirt, this shit was dope… it was patterened with the guess question marks but the pattern was like white or like a silvery white color and you could only see them shits at the right angle lol. The picture down to the right of that in the black circle frame. is another one of my baby pictures. i dont know which one i was older in. but let my mom tell it. i had the face i had in that picture because i had just finished crying because i had just got my ass WHOOPED! thats right… i was a bad ass ghetto child lol. to the left of that picture is my 3rd grade picture. in my favorite shirt at the time. i remember one of my friends had the same exact shirt and he wore his shit on picture day too. the two pictures below that are from the 5th and 6th grade i believe. im not sure tho. one of em, it look like im naked in… but the shirt matched my skin tone lol. And finally… the picture way at the bottom… that doesnt look like me. that is a shawdow with a smile. thats fuckin Lonnie. thats his senior picture. as calvin stated earlier… thats the orginal “Darkness” lol at one point… Lonnie was the darkest person id ever seen ever lol. i know he has been catchin all kinda “Ahhhhh DARKNESS!” hell since that rick james episode came out. woooo that shit almost makes me wish we was still cool so i could laugh. …. almost. lol.

Thats all the sharing imma do for now. of course there are more photos in that lil gallery. but im not about to sit here and speak on all them shits.
i have shit to do.

i think imma post some more old ass pictures one day.

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