Uhmah Park

Say… doesnt Avant sound like R. Kelly? with out the young girl insinuations ( sp )?

im not really into R & B all that much… so my ear isnt finely tuned like the rest of my BET/MTV watchin, Radio Listening, Black Beat/ Jet/ Essesence/ Sista 2 Sista/ Vibe/ Ebony/ Honey Reading peers. but as far as i can tell… them negros sound damn near the same. i guess it cracks tho… because R used to crack… me personally i think he was already fallin off… lol then he had to really just blow it lol. but fuck it… dude can be his replacement… long as he makes those waxxon cuts that R used to make ( that i damn near feel dirty for listenin to ) then it should crack.

and speaking of R fuckin Kelly… somebody asked me why i havent mentioned anything about that nigga on this shit. my answer? ” because i could really giva fuck what the next nigga does…. he aint the first child molestin ass nigga… and wont be the last. ive never really gave a fuck about a child molestin muhfucka before… why should i care because this nigga is famous? Nobody would give a fuck if dude was some loser ass nigga who got caught up just the same, especially ( sp ) if the shit didnt make the news. only people that would giva fuck would be the muhfuckas that it effected. And beyond that… stop and think… WHY should i even give a fuck? why? because its nasty? so? i dont do that shit… i dont even know anybody that likes little girls. why should i really give a fuck? i cant come up with a good reason to give a fuck. All tha muthafuckas who keep up with that shit on a daily bases cant come up with a good reason. fuck him… he aint my friend… i dont care lol. ”

and i still dont… and im tired of people askin me about that shit… and what do i think

my offical thoughts : ” i dont giva shit, and i refuse to giva shit ”

anyway… avant and that nigga sound the same lol