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ATL, GAWGA. Part Two

Back from atlanta for the second time in two years.

i shouldnt have went this time… i was in the middle of so much shit by the time i left. it kinda kept me from having a better time than i had a nigga had other shit on his mind. i dont know if it was obvious or not. i tried to not let my thoughts keep me from enjoying my self.. but eehhh it kinda did to be honest. i couldnt help it.
I had work i just up’d and left ( i cant even enjoy ass all that much if i have work to do! ). and i am in the middle of a moving. people say that moving aint a big deal. but for some reason… moving stresses me the fuck out. bad. i would be actually paying for movers… but… muthafuckas dont wanna pay a nigga on time like they are SUPPOSE TO… which is actually ALSO one of the things that was on my mind.

anyway. let me talk about my trip…. i have packing to do, so imma kinda speed thru this.

— Atlanta is the greatest place on this fucking planet that is NOT the Greater Los Angeles Metropolotain Area. in other words… #1 is LA, #2 is ATL, and everything else that could possibly crack is a Far off third. actually no… let me include all of southern cali… id move to San Deigo before i moved to atl… but still lol. A nigga like me LOVES the A. if the gotdamn flight wasnt so long id try to be out there more often. if i knew more muthafuckas out there… id try to be out there more often. if there was better bander out there… id try to be out there more often lol ( fyi – the devil grows stress just to lower the over all quality of peoples lives. lol ).

— I need to find more excuses to be out in Atlanta more often.

— before i continue, id like to say that im a Black Man. So imma Ass man by default. BUT! i hold breast in high reguard. if you have none, the chances of me and you being more than friends… psssshhhhhh slim to none holmes. its happen… but those were special cases. anyway… what i wanted to say was…. ive never seen SO MUCH ASS IN MY LIFE! ( imma get some bullshit for that ). I guess Ass just dont grow like that out here. because that shit was fucking amazing. there was ass everywhere… i couldnt help but stare like it was clevage. it was wonderful lol. 90% of the black females in atlanta have big ol wonderful round booties. its the great, its greater than great, its even greater than greatest. that shit is greater-ful-est. lol foreal.

— Atlanta is Black Man heaven. IF!…. IF!… you dont mind gay niggas. i say this because… the girls who work around atlanta will be nice to you and kinda hook you up with shit at various shops and stores.( if youre attractive of course ) but… lol… atlanta also has a high gay black male population… and these niggas also work around atlanta… and will also be nice to you and hook you up with shit… and you dont even have to do shit but be cordial. you dont have to flirt or no shit. just be civilized about shit. Now i know some muthafuckas is reading this shit like … ? …. but to be honest… i dont mind a muthafucka hooking me up with shit. i dont care who it is! if its a gay waitor who wont charge me for desert. or some female at starbucks who will slide a nigga free muffin or some shit… it goes down. i aint trying to fuck either one of them muhfuckas. but i can speak and be cordial just the same. although… if the girl at starbucks slides me her number along with that muffin… it goes down. if the waitor is on some call me later shit. imma look at him like, fuck naw homie! lol and a ugly girl is just as bad as any gay dude lol, so im not trying to call her ass either lol. but sheeeeeit… free shit is free shit. special treatment always cracks! ( fyi – i still hate starbucks… it was just an example! lol )

— Atlanta has beautiful architecture, and buildings. the streets dont make NO MUTHAFUCKIN SENSE. but the sceneary while youre temporaraly lost is fuckin magnificant. i guess im just used to LA, which is a grid for the most part. ( fyi – oj used to get his architech on. i have a degree and everything )

— i wish i would have went to Morehouse, kinda. I was walkin around campus and it seems like a unquie ass experience… but there is no telling how i woulda turned out… and i like the person i am now so fuck it lol

— i wonder how it is to be a black female in atlanta… and not have an ass. those girls must feel inferior as fuck! i saw a couple… i wanted to give them a hug… like i know its hard sweetie, i know its hard.

— The Morehouse/Spelman Homecoming was crackin… the game was good and high scoring… the tailgate was cool… it was hot as fuck tho. they had a nigga drinking in the heat… and i didnt wanna get TOO fucked up and give it up out there and have a buncha people i didnt know laughin at my black ass lol

— i wanna give a shout out to deah for being so great. and her great friends. Sharla and her boyfriend, Montago (sp) for letting us stay at thier apt on thrusday. and another shout out to Montago for keeping niggas blowed lol. another high ass five for Jessica… who saved my life with a much needed blunt of bruce bander, that shit had me fucked up. Id also like to mention Tai, Malika, Natillie, Carla, Tina, and Chez. And i cant forget Eulus and Pinchback who i kicked it with all saturday. they made sure i had a good time.

— i think thats it. i cant really remember anything else… but im tired… and i got a whole buncha shit to pack. if i can remember anything else… ill edit this shit lol.

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DAMN I wish I had come down there…I’m never ever missing homecoming again….I don’t care HOW much school work I have….if I’m on call I’m switching out with somebody!

OJ!! That was pure comedy!!!! As I said you are invited to kick it with us anytime you please. I’m glad you enjoyed homecoming even though you were surrounded by all that estrogen.

— i wonder how it is to be a black female in atlanta… and not have an ass. those girls must feel inferior as fuck! i saw a couple… i wanted to give them a hug… like i know its hard sweetie, i know its hard.
damn now thats funny… poor things

I know man, I love Atlanta. For different reasons than you, but still :)… And I know what you mean about the streets… I STILL get lost as hell and confused…. I barely made it out the parking garage at work yesterday… glad you had fun though 🙂

lol. Yea, we are the ass capitol. Ha. I’ve never been oout of GA before so I’m anxious to see this “California” you speak of.

Did you go to Lenox? They got the best shopping here… and quite a few gay black women and pretty girls with big asses. lol.

damn, i miss the ATL too. so many fine women. but hold up yo, when it comes to ass, and i’m talking strictly ass, nowhere can f*ck with detroit. they have the kind of asses here that you can see from the front, straight up.

yeah doc……..
it was alright…….
it still didn’t jump off like i wanted it too…..
but, you can’t win em all, or else you be the yankees (oops, they lost, never mind)……

eulus s. moore, iii

love your site man. just came on in through lablogs. i enjoyed reading through some of your weblogs. atlanta is a great city. i was born there so it’s also #2 on my list with la being #1.

Aye, where’d you tailgate?

I was either by the Navy ROTC people or the nigga with the down south music whos CDs kept skippin. He was pissin me off proper… then he shouted out New Orleans so I was straight. And yea, the game cracked, I got a 48-33 shirt made that I’m contemplating wearing around campus.

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