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At Least I Have Chicken…

a convo between me and max…

OJ: im going to smooke
OJ: i cant think lol
Max: lol dam
OJ: im starving lol
OJ: i cant even think
OJ: you know
OJ: as much as bruce bruce sweat on stage…
OJ: you would think he would have lost a pound or 54
Max: hey you can’t lose 2 lbs on stage
Max: then eat like 4 lbs of popeyes afterward
Max: shit dont work like that
OJ: have you seen this fuckin burger king commercial?
Max: which one
OJ: the rock and roll one
OJ: them niggas on stage with chicken heads on
Max: lol yea
OJ: well.. a few things…
OJ: that song is fuckin bangin lol
OJ: that… or either im just really high
OJ: but the shit is bangin lol
OJ: next….
OJ: them chicken fries look like they might be kinda good
OJ: and i dont even be fuckin with burger king at all
OJ: i only know where ONE is out here to prove mypoint lol
Max: u know I have thought about getting some on more than one occasion
OJ: and its far from me… to really nail it home lol
OJ: man… them shits look like they might be good…
OJ: but while they might be good n shit…
OJ: is it me..
OJ: or can burger king make chicken look REALLY fuckin undesireable like a muthafucka
OJ: nigga did you see the cross dressing chicken?
OJ: that shit was nasty as fuck…
OJ: they had some other chicken costume n shit…
OJ: ugh…
OJ: and then the rock band…
OJ: why the song was live…
Max: LOL
OJ: but they was all sweatin n shit…
OJ: nigga… chicken is suppose to look EDITABLE
Max: e d i b l e
OJ: lmao
Max: LOL @ editable
OJ: yea… im REAL blowed…
OJ: anyway… lol
Max: like u can cut n paste the chicken
OJ: LMAO fuck you lmao
OJ: HA!! muthafucka!! lmao
OJ: anyway…
OJ: but yea… i dont give a fuck if the chicken can walk and talk…
OJ: that muthafucka NEEDS to look like it can be killed and fried homie…
OJ: i cant fuck with burger king because of that!
Max: LOL
OJ: sweaty ass chicken nigga…
OJ: that shit should be against the fucking law
OJ: shits fuckin gross!!!
Max: LOL
Max: yea u are blowed
OJ: think about that tho….
Max: aint nobody gone eat a damn chicken that can talk
OJ: nigga… does a burger king commercial make you hungry?!
OJ: LMAO!!!!!
OJ: im sayin tho… the point of the commercial is to sell chicken…
Max: unless its that foghorn leghorn mufucka from looney toons
OJ: lol
OJ: nigga tho… my point is… you suppose to want to EAT the chicken… if they trying to sell the shit. and like YOU said…aint nobody gone eat a chicken that can talk…
OJ: but if it could… its gonna have to NOT look sweaty as fuck
OJ: and all nasty and dingy n shit
Max: but yeah, burger king commercials are creepy as hell anyway
OJ: chicken look like trailer trash n shit
OJ: i was gonna get to that…
Max: its like, ALL them shits are fucked up
OJ: ALL they gotdamn commercials is hella creepy
OJ: yes nigga!!!
Max: I was lookin at the one for that other chicken sandwich
OJ: that nigga with the mask be mean muggin muhfuckas n shit
OJ: he all tall…
Max: I was like, damn, Hootie done fell off….
OJ: nigga look like jason with a differnt mask on n shit
OJ: lol hell naw
Max: yeah that king will give a kid nightmares
OJ: fuck yes nigga!
OJ: somebody needs they ass tar’d and feathered out this bitch…
Max: just think if u was high as hell, and all of a sudden THAT nigga was at your window….
OJ: way to have uneffected ass marketing!
OJ: with that creepy ass smile n shit!!!
OJ: just staring at you
OJ: moving all slow and creepy n shit
Max: niggas will get to shootin that mufucka
Max: but then, McDonalds commercials are coontastic
OJ: im saying…
OJ: that nigga is SWING FIRST scarey….
OJ: hey….
Max: yes…
OJ: id rather deal with a buncha lame ass niggas than team creepy king & chicken
Max: LOL true
OJ: im lovin it….
OJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
Max: that shit was KILLIN me
OJ: i couldnt say id really stop eating mcdonalds if they came out with a billboard like that tho
Max: I wouldnt
OJ: LMAO!!!1
Max: that shit would be funny as hell tho
OJ: nigga… honestly… that shit would show the UPMOST respect for the black dollar…
OJ: oh yea… then it woudl be funny as fuck…
Max: al sharpton n jesse would have a fit tho
OJ: but if a gotdamn mcdonalds that the balls to do that shit… i mean really lol….
OJ: nigga… im SURE that shit would be clear from the get lol
Max: a ghetto mcdonalds, probably
Max: or McDowells…
OJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT LMAO!!!!!!
OJ: lmao
Max: lollool
OJ: lol would you be LESS mad if a black eatry did such a thing tho
Max: actually I would
OJ: lmao hell yea

ahhh that was the guts… imma go make me something to eat now… nigga still aint ate!!!

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Yeah i’m with you guys on the FUCK the Burger King thing…Muthaphucka seems like he’d be quick to be on some “off with his head…” type bullshit…I say “Off with his overly happy, plastic head!!!!

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