ass kicking day.

eBay item 1710504973 (Ends Mar-10-02 05:41:47 PST ) would you look at this shit?


you can tell sometime by a person actions… one or two things

they have never had they ass kicked… or if they have… tha ass kicking they recived wasnt good enough.

tha muthafucka that posted this shit? needs they ass whooped…

tha dumb bastard tha posed for tha fuckin picture…. need his ass kicked too

tha muhfucka that sent me tha link…. and i think is kinda serious about buyin this costume… if that muhfucka didnt stay way in bumfuck south carolina… id kick his ass my self.

while posting this…

i came up with a fantastic idea

Ass Kicking Day.

There should be a place where you can submit a form to be granted permission to kick a muthafucka ass if so they deserve to have they ass whooped.

on tha form you should include a damn good reason why they need they ass kicked. once the form is carefully reviewed by a staff of highly trained individuals whom are fair ( fuck you syl ) wise and know what tha fuck is up. you should get a certificate in the mail, granting you permission to go kick tha muthafucka ass in question.

after reciving the certificate in tha mail… you have one week….. to present it to tha muthafucka who need tha ass kicking. explain to him/her why they will be served up an ass whooping and proceed to whoop that muthafuckas ass like it needs to be whooped.

and in cases where tha muthafucka ass that needs to be kicked is bigger than tha muthafucka who will be doing tha ass kicking… on tha form will be a spot to explain this and write down tha names of the individuals who will be helping you kick tha muthafucka ass whoms ass has been granted kickable by our panel of grantors.

there shall be no more than 4 ass kickers.

just an idea tho lol

but knowin my damn luck… id end up gettin served with ass whooping certificates often.

people dont like me for some reason…

they say i talk too much shit.


oh well.

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