Uhmah Park

Max recently did a ” Ask Max ” entry on his blogger… or has been for the past couple of days… and now he is reversing the tables… asking questions of his questioners lol.
… even tho i didnt ask that nigga shit lol… i still got a set of questions to answer. lol i dont mind…. oddly enough. because alotta times… i HATE to be asked questions. i guess a nigga has to be in the mood.

so… lets go.

Yo OJ (you knew this was coming, lol)…
1. Will you ever leave the apartment complex I like to call Amityville? lol
Yup… im moving after i get back from atlanta in november. Im movin to a condo in porter ranch. its like a hot 8 miles north of where im at now. and its even quitter than it was when we moved my black ass here lol. FUCK movin all this shit tho… im payin for movers! you can come thru and talk shit to the movers with me and my cousins if you want lol.

2. Kobe… will he be found guilty or innoncent, and why?
Innocent. when it comes down to it… kobe makes too much money for too many white people who could giva fuck what really happen. even tho i know… ill tell you later lol.

3. Did you/will you vote this time? Or must I lecture you again about how black folk died in this country for your right to, yap yap yap…
man… i tried to register to vote yesterday… but you have to register 15 days before the election. which i didnt know… i thought you could register before and be cool. oops.
Actually… i think ive turned a new leaf as far as this voting thing goes… the only thing is… with that new leaf… i might find my self WAY more involed in politics than i have time for. because i can not, not get my way. lol ill be in front of walmart on some recall shit every time the new govenor fucks up lol. that muthafucka would know my name.
I always hear poeple say… if you dont vote… then you cant complain. lol well… i havent been bitchin… but if i start to vote… i will be!

and since im kinda bored right now… i think ill answer other peoples questions lol.

this was to Antonio
1. What do you think is the best contribution a black man can leave to the next generation?

me personally… i think the best contribution a Black Man can leave to the next generation would to be a father to his children, no matter what the circumstances. no matter if its out of wedlock or a divorce situation. i think that alotta times, people dont have to turn out the way that they do… all they need is thier parents there in thier lives to keep them on the straight and narrow.

3. Is there anywhere in LA County that there is more of The Blacks than anyone else, or is that just a lost cause?

Yea man… there are TWO areas i can think of…. LA Dera Heights… over there by magic starbucks… there aint nothin but niggas over there…. there… and lemert park. if you wanna get all eclectic… lemert park should be your hang out. and we already know you hate flossin ass niggas… dont go to la dera lol.

this was to I_boogie ( im speakin on these people like i know who they are lol )
1. Which is more important to you, winning the argument or being right?
lol winning the argument… because if im right… i can still win! if im wrong… then its important that i win to get my fucking way!

this question was to max’s “twin” … and i wont even comment on that shit lol.
1. Is our destiny pre-determined, or do we make it ourselves?

i think its a little of both… somethings you can control… some things you cant. no matter how hard you try. its just up to you to determine what you REALLY can control, and what is just out of your hands. ( read = dont make bullshit excuses for not trying lol )

… eehh im tired of answering questions lol.

oh yea…

hookerdust.com is back up…. i had to get my web investigation on. it goes down lol.


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