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ARRRG!!! Pandemic of Modation Sweeps White Community

Ive been laughing to myself all day. I live in a white neighborhood, and there were a bunch of Mitt Romney signs posted around here. Which was kind of alarming first of all. It kind of told me a little bit more about the people I swerve around when I decide to leave the house. But now… Romney has thrown in the towel.

I wonder how all those people feel now? Another white area I used to live in, Rancho Cucamonga ( yes its a real place for the millionth time lol). There were tons of Romney supporters out there. And the only thing they could ever say is that, they were convinced that Romney could fix the economy. And Im not saying he couldnt have, I mean he does have experience at “running things”. The economy is so skanless though, thats all they care about. Oh what will they do now. They must feel pretty damn doomed. Kind of like everybody with good sense was feeling when lil bush was put in office.

Im sorry, but how do you trust a muthafucka named Mitt? That shit bothers me. He bothers me. Ive heard this guy talk. What an asshole. I think he’s crazy. Foreal. I can only imagine if he ran the country. We’d be paying air tax and we would be promised an attack from a big country. I dont know this for sure, Im just saying random extreme worst case scenario barely possible shit. Kind of like he does.

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