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Syl is retarded

she posted:

oh yea and another thing about the anthrax scare…

all i have to say is that all those people who have opened those letters must have good credit. because i know that unless its a bill in red print, envelope shaded in red, or a check in the window printed out to sylviaG then i toss that bad boy in the trash. i have bad credit i wont lie. AND i havent contracted anthrax.

but that could be that im unemployed too tho.


End post.

And notice they havnt found any anthrax in the ghetto? And also notice that it has been mostly white people catchin that shit…. like skin cancer…

Me personally… i dont think its any terrorist sendin that shit.

They didnt say it was terrorism when tha unibomber was sendin his shit out. But its probably just some crazy white boy on some hateful shit and wants the US to do something drastic to the terroist. ( notice its only mild forms, its only white people, and nobody has died yet…except that old guy ) now if it was terrorist, muhfuckas would have been dropin like flies.

im done.