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Ansel Jankins

finially updated the photo page with one gallery

i got a 400 mega pixel digi cam for my birthday… and i been takin a ganga pictures with that shit for a couple of months now… ive always had a interest in photography… from long time ago… i just hated gettin the picture devoloped and i want gonna spend all that money on those nice professional cameras. even took a photography class in high school… too bad it was first period and i was blacked out half the semester… or id probably remember soemthing from the class. eh… dah well… ill take another class maybe one day and be serious about it.

anyway… i have over a gig of pictures, of a buncha shit, that i will be posting… at my lesure of course.

but yea… im far from decent… i just like to take pictures. hopefully ill get better. but its all practice for now.

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