Uhmah Park

Throwback weekend was a sucess… once again… lets thank BMG! lol i would post some of the shit that was said… but i honestly can not remember all that shit… lol… but it was halarious

Hookerdust.com is no more (pending an email from verisign) we let the experation kick us in the ass… actually the notice went to an old email so we forgot about it. hopefully we can get it back…

Shooting the Gift ( STG ) is now live! and up. What is STG? its me and calvins internet show… its the guts.

what else? hmm….

oh… me and this nigga calvin are having a lil contest to see who can come up with the best “Slow Jam Tape”. the deadline was SUPPOSE to be today… but this nigga calvin is bullshiting! ok ok… he has test… he’s a med student, yap yap yap… screw that… that nigga is lazy is all it is… but it SUPPOSED to be postponed! lol please note that this is the second time this shit has been put off… lol. its cool tho… because i bullshited too… but its like… he came with his bullshit first so its all his fault lol.
actually… i had to admit… im a bit competitive…. actually… lol im hella competitive. i be havin secert competiions in my head with muthafuckas who dont know they involed n shit. its bad. lol whats REALLY bad is that im way too lazy to be this competitive. and i have a hard time making small progress to a bigger goal ( im working on that tho lol ). lol its terrible. lol
so yea… the compitition is going to be judged on 5 80 min cd’s. song selection… order of song… and some other shit i cant remember… i have five female judges. and i think imma lose lol Calvin is the R&B man. im just not in touch… all the shit i like is hella old lol. oh well… lol

man… i REALLY REALLY need to play me some fuckin basketball before i lose my fucking mind!

time out tho… i just remembered that i have a week pass to LA Fitness…. i need to find somebody with a hook up over there… im not trying to pay 30 bucks a month…. i can do 20 tho lol.

thas all… ill get back.


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