Uhmah Park

animal activist… turn away now….

because i could giva flying wolf bat fuck ( keep reading you will get the joke lol ) and this shit was the guts!

Calvin (8:30:10 PM): man…I’m watching National Geographic Channel now
OJ (8:30:14 PM): lol
Calvin (8:30:32 PM): Crocodiles be fucking ALL the other animals up
Calvin (8:30:48 PM): Drea was laughing at me the other day
Calvin (8:31:00 PM): cuz I said I wanted to see random animals fight each other
Calvin (8:31:06 PM): like a bear versus a tiger
Calvin (8:31:11 PM): I think that would be the shit
Calvin (8:31:18 PM): each week on TV…
Calvin (8:31:21 PM): Beast Wars
Calvin (8:31:39 PM): a warthog versus a lion
OJ (8:37:10 PM): lmao this nigga
OJ (8:37:17 PM): wants peta all in his ass lol
Calvin (8:38:11 PM): LMAO…fuck them!
OJ (8:39:10 PM): lol
Calvin (8:39:46 PM): nigga the prospects of a Cheetah versus a Komodo Dragon doesn’t intruige you?
OJ (8:40:03 PM): LMAIO
Calvin (8:40:35 PM): I would pay good money to see such a thing
Calvin (8:40:43 PM): I also would pay to see a rooster fight
Calvin (8:40:50 PM): (I refuse to call that shit a cock fight)
OJ (8:41:21 PM): lmao
OJ (8:41:54 PM): gotdamn
Calvin (8:41:55 PM): Animal Rights people can kiss my ass as I unleash vicious animals of prey upon them!
OJ (8:42:31 PM): hell naw… you got a raptor chillin some where or some shit? lol
Calvin (8:43:28 PM): nah…but I know people!!
OJ (8:43:35 PM): LOL
Calvin (8:44:13 PM): see how much they love animals when a viscous pit bull terrier is ripping at their hindquarters
OJ (8:47:48 PM): LMAO
OJ (8:47:49 PM): fuck lmao
OJ (8:47:54 PM): this nigga here lol
OJ (8:48:00 PM): i know that would change my view on animals tho lol
Calvin (8:48:18 PM): Animal Rights people suck
Calvin (8:48:33 PM): they need to get bit by a rabid dog or some flying wolf bat
OJ (8:50:25 PM): LMAO WHAT?!?!
OJ (8:50:29 PM): flying wolf bat?!
OJ (8:50:31 PM): lol gotdamn
OJ (8:50:32 PM): lkol
OJ (8:50:46 PM): this nigga got me spittin up food n shit lol
Calvin (8:51:14 PM): I’m saying man…
Calvin (8:51:22 PM): You already know how I feel about kittens
Calvin (8:51:40 PM): now don’t get me wrong I don’t be abusing no animals…I ain’t no psychopath or Jeffrey Dahmer type individual
Calvin (8:51:54 PM): but if two animals that have a problem with one another want to get it on I say go for it!
OJ (8:52:14 PM): LKMAO
Calvin (8:52:17 PM): if a silverback gorilla has a problem with a bear because I made them fight over the same strip of land, then they need to solve that
OJ (8:52:21 PM): fucking mills lane
OJ (8:52:29 PM): don king of the animal fight world n shit lol
OJ (8:59:43 PM): this nigga is gonna have somebody from peta run up to him with that suicide bomb lol
OJ (8:59:55 PM): sacrifing that human life for the good of the animals lol
Calvin (9:01:38 PM): LMAO!
Calvin (9:01:40 PM): fuck that…
Calvin (9:02:02 PM): I will sic a wild Mountain Lion hybrid with a Tiger on them!
OJ (9:02:55 PM): lol fuckin doctor mareu (sp) n shit lol
Calvin (9:03:06 PM): that was a GREAT idea
OJ (9:03:19 PM): LOL
Calvin (9:03:58 PM): man I am doing that…wait till I get some money
Calvin (9:04:05 PM): I’mma have a white tiger versus a polar bear!
Calvin (9:04:15 PM): I’mma have a shark versus a killer whale
OJ (9:04:19 PM): lmao fuckin shit nigga lol
OJ (9:04:27 PM): LOL HELL NAW!!
Calvin (9:04:39 PM): I’mma have a monkey versus a wolverine
OJ (9:05:01 PM): lol
Calvin (9:05:03 PM): I’mma sell it on Bootleg DVD like Faces of Death
OJ (9:05:06 PM): sell dvd’ nigga
OJ (9:05:09 PM): YES! LOL
Calvin (9:07:15 PM): it would sell like mad
Calvin (9:07:24 PM): until i got arrested like the bumfights guys
OJ (9:07:49 PM): lol nigga… i couldnt believe they had that shit

calvin is the guts.


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