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Animal Death Match!

animal activist… turn away now….

because i could giva flying wolf bat fuck ( keep reading you will get the joke lol ) and this shit was the guts!

Calvin (8:30:10 PM): man…I’m watching National Geographic Channel now
OJ (8:30:14 PM): lol
Calvin (8:30:32 PM): Crocodiles be fucking ALL the other animals up
Calvin (8:30:48 PM): Drea was laughing at me the other day
Calvin (8:31:00 PM): cuz I said I wanted to see random animals fight each other
Calvin (8:31:06 PM): like a bear versus a tiger
Calvin (8:31:11 PM): I think that would be the shit
Calvin (8:31:18 PM): each week on TV…
Calvin (8:31:21 PM): Beast Wars
Calvin (8:31:39 PM): a warthog versus a lion
OJ (8:37:10 PM): lmao this nigga
OJ (8:37:17 PM): wants peta all in his ass lol
Calvin (8:38:11 PM): LMAO…fuck them!
OJ (8:39:10 PM): lol
Calvin (8:39:46 PM): nigga the prospects of a Cheetah versus a Komodo Dragon doesn’t intruige you?
OJ (8:40:03 PM): LMAIO
Calvin (8:40:35 PM): I would pay good money to see such a thing
Calvin (8:40:43 PM): I also would pay to see a rooster fight
Calvin (8:40:50 PM): (I refuse to call that shit a cock fight)
OJ (8:41:21 PM): lmao
OJ (8:41:54 PM): gotdamn
Calvin (8:41:55 PM): Animal Rights people can kiss my ass as I unleash vicious animals of prey upon them!
OJ (8:42:31 PM): hell naw… you got a raptor chillin some where or some shit? lol
Calvin (8:43:28 PM): nah…but I know people!!
OJ (8:43:35 PM): LOL
Calvin (8:44:13 PM): see how much they love animals when a viscous pit bull terrier is ripping at their hindquarters
OJ (8:47:48 PM): LMAO
OJ (8:47:49 PM): fuck lmao
OJ (8:47:54 PM): this nigga here lol
OJ (8:48:00 PM): i know that would change my view on animals tho lol
Calvin (8:48:18 PM): Animal Rights people suck
Calvin (8:48:33 PM): they need to get bit by a rabid dog or some flying wolf bat
OJ (8:50:25 PM): LMAO WHAT?!?!
OJ (8:50:29 PM): flying wolf bat?!
OJ (8:50:31 PM): lol gotdamn
OJ (8:50:32 PM): lkol
OJ (8:50:46 PM): this nigga got me spittin up food n shit lol
Calvin (8:51:14 PM): I’m saying man…
Calvin (8:51:22 PM): You already know how I feel about kittens
Calvin (8:51:40 PM): now don’t get me wrong I don’t be abusing no animals…I ain’t no psychopath or Jeffrey Dahmer type individual
Calvin (8:51:54 PM): but if two animals that have a problem with one another want to get it on I say go for it!
OJ (8:52:14 PM): LKMAO
Calvin (8:52:17 PM): if a silverback gorilla has a problem with a bear because I made them fight over the same strip of land, then they need to solve that
OJ (8:52:21 PM): fucking mills lane
OJ (8:52:29 PM): don king of the animal fight world n shit lol
OJ (8:59:43 PM): this nigga is gonna have somebody from peta run up to him with that suicide bomb lol
OJ (8:59:55 PM): sacrifing that human life for the good of the animals lol
Calvin (9:01:38 PM): LMAO!
Calvin (9:01:40 PM): fuck that…
Calvin (9:02:02 PM): I will sic a wild Mountain Lion hybrid with a Tiger on them!
OJ (9:02:55 PM): lol fuckin doctor mareu (sp) n shit lol
Calvin (9:03:06 PM): that was a GREAT idea
OJ (9:03:19 PM): LOL
Calvin (9:03:58 PM): man I am doing that…wait till I get some money
Calvin (9:04:05 PM): I’mma have a white tiger versus a polar bear!
Calvin (9:04:15 PM): I’mma have a shark versus a killer whale
OJ (9:04:19 PM): lmao fuckin shit nigga lol
OJ (9:04:27 PM): LOL HELL NAW!!
Calvin (9:04:39 PM): I’mma have a monkey versus a wolverine
OJ (9:05:01 PM): lol
Calvin (9:05:03 PM): I’mma sell it on Bootleg DVD like Faces of Death
OJ (9:05:06 PM): sell dvd’ nigga
OJ (9:05:09 PM): YES! LOL
Calvin (9:07:15 PM): it would sell like mad
Calvin (9:07:24 PM): until i got arrested like the bumfights guys
OJ (9:07:49 PM): lol nigga… i couldnt believe they had that shit

calvin is the guts.

4 replies on “Animal Death Match!”

lol @ The Footage PETA doesn’t want you to see…

Fuck that lets see some heavyweights… Hippo vs elephant, but that Grizzly/Gorrilla shit is gonna be hot!

Do tigers have beef because lions are the king of the jungle? hmm…

Man, I coulda sworn I was the only one who wanted to see shyt like this! But yall are forgetting the lightweights….how bout a soldier ant and a millipede? And you know that soldier ant is gonna bring errbody and they mama to have his back!…lol. National Geographic is the bangin-est channel on earth! Built for the Kill is a tight show. No wonder Leeser told me to read this post. LMFAO!!!

Just don’t forget about me when yall get that bootleg van on the streets. *wink*

i would be so bored watching bugs fight. at least with the animals calvin mentioned thered be guts and blood. bugs are so small that you can barely see the shits. fuck a bug.

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