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Angry Man Soup!

Its a little know fact that Delonte West has an anger problem. When he was traded to the Cavs, I do believe he had to take sometime away from the team to handle his anger problem. Well my cousin and I know about his anger problem every since he was a punk ass boston celtic. Ive seen him on the bench way too pissed. Like more pissed than every other NBA player. I used to think it was hilarious. So every since then, his name has been Angry Man. And Angry Man has clearly has found new ways to take out his aggression in more productive ways that help his team.

THROW IT DOWN ANGRY MAN!!! I think that was Marvin Willians? he dunked on? LOL none the less, it was pretty vicious! And worthy of Soup Theater!

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Yes nigga, we both came to the conclusion at the same time he was the angriest lil nigga this side of Bushwick Bill, that day we say him with the most pissed off look of all times on his face during a game. It was the Muhammad Ali of discontent faces. None the less I have actually grown to like him since he left the Celtricks. When he snitched on the rookies for not bringing the Krispy Kreme due to an MRI or some bullshit

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“I dont care if you have to fly, trains, planes, or automobiles, you better have my donuuuts…next game, fa real!” as he pushes that big ass nigga in the head with his finger! LMAO that nigga is way to gangster for the NBA lol! NIgga, and if you look at it a second time, you can tell he dont wanna say “next game” instead he wants to say “NYGGGUH!” rough as fuck, but had to catch himself cuz he was on the Jim Rome show. You can here the lapse in sentence cadence as he replaces one phrase with the other LMAO! Im pretty sure that nigga was for real when he said “fa real” too. LMAO! He gonna shoot that nigga he forget again. If im not mistaken, when he mushed the nigga in the hand, he made his fingers into the shape of a gun.

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