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Am I Fucked Up?

damn lol.
imma have to stop neglecting this thing.

today… while in ralphs grociery store… my bowels decided it would be a fucking great time to get to movin. and since i have NO reservations about using anybodys public restroom… i found a friendly Ralphs employee, and asked for the location of the restroom.
After making a right after the yogort… then a quick left. i was in the mens restroom. Now… usually when i use a public restroom… i use the handicap stall. like… always… thats the first thing i look for. every single time. ( am i the only muthafucka that does this? ) Why? because… the handicap stall has a whole buncha room! shit… a nigga is tall. i need room. and usually the handicap toilets are higher than regular toilets… them shits is hella comfortable. usually my knees be in my chest when i take a seat. but not on handicap toilets… i think imma get one put in my bathroom in my house. lol

so im sitting there… making use of the public facailities, flagrantly abusing the comfort aroma levels that were pleasant before my arival. and i had a thought… like most people when they are on a thrown. thier own or otherwise.

damn… i wonder what would happen if a wheelchair bound man… just happen to roll thru the door. and notice that the handicap stall is occupied by some one that is clearly not handicap. Would he get mad? and if he did… how would I react?

Well… i said to myself: Changes are… i wouldnt give a flying fuck, and make that muthafucka wait. handicap people are the first to want to be treated like everybody else. Well, muthafucka… first come first serve! you wanna be treated like everybody else? wait like everybody else homie! stop bitchin! if the yo ass was in here… and i came after you. id have to wait. of course i have the option to use one of the more narrow stalls. but that aint the point lol. i wanna use that stall just like you do. lol

then after i got finish laughin at myself. i thought…. maybe im fucked up? i dont know. who cares… thats how i feel. fuck it. i dont have a problem with being fucked up lol.

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u arent the only one.. them shits are mad compfortable…every stall should be a handicap stall.. mad room ur own sink.. ur own paper towel.. everything u need… pull out a magazine and u chill lol… the lil stalls are too small especially if your over 6 feet… walk in u feel like the doors at ur back its crazy


i ono i think they have the right a way with the stalls.. could get a cop to come get u or something i ono.. lol but i never care.. and for some reason thats never happened yet.. but im waiting..

*lol* i’ve had that same conversation when i use the handicap stall at work. that’s the only one i use too.

the handicaps just gon’ have to wait.

I alwayz wonder if i’m goinna get bitten on the ass by fleas when i’m in the handicapped stall at work/school cuz a blind lady goes in there frequently with her seeing eye dog.. and you know his ass is not sitting outside the stall.. yup he’s right there in the stall with her.

Definitly always use the handicap stall here. Not only does it have more room, but if you had to pick one that’s most likely gonna be the cleanest before you have to do a few touch ups in the area before you sit down, dude, handicap all the way.


This reminds me of when Chez and I went to vote in the 2000 election… folks just be doing handicapped people WRONG, lol

the lady in charge of “crowd control” got on the microphone and proceeded to tell us “I’m gonna let the cripples come on in 1st and skip the line… they can’t stand in line all day like the rest of yall… so we gon let the cripples come on through.”

I almost died.

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