Uhmah Park

So thats Sharane? I see why this man talked about her all album lol. This nigga just stood there while she stole the show. I didnt even notice he wasnt rapping the first time I saw this video lol. I may have risked an ass whoopin going to see her back in the day myself lol.

That Lincoln is my dream car. I will own one. Eventually. I cant wait. You wont be able to tell me SHIT in that thing! When I get my Lincoln, Im going to talk all my homegirls into making a twerk video on my shit just like that too lol. Im not going to stand there in the video though, I dont wanna see me like that lol. I just wanna watch. Its going to be great. I sure I have at least 5 homegirls who are down lol

This is a great video; Kendricks dad is the gotdamn guts. Great imagery all around.

Im starting to like Kendricks videos, they all seem to tell some kind of story or follow some kind of story line.