Uhmah Park

 Not everybody is gonna get this. And thats ok. Im only really posting this for like 5 people anyway lol.

Anyway… step right the hell on up JD.

big juave: alright
big juave: on this day…
big juave: you can quote me….
big juave: OJ now official absolutely loves to smoke blunts
KingJuave: GREAT!
big juave: i have no problem resending previous proclomations, convictions, ideas, claims and so forth
big juave: before i did not see the light
big juave: now… thats all i see
big juave: too bad i was hard headed for so long
big juave: i mean, i really been missing out
KingJuave: right
KingJuave: yea nigga,
KingJuave: i was trying to see it from your perspective, so even though i disagreed, i could still say, i see why he feel the way
KingJuave: but i never got to that point
KingJuave: and figured, one of us trippin, and thats just the way its gonnna be
big juave: and it looks like it was me….
KingJuave: nigga i got 2 bizzongs, raiderer pizzipe, and
big juave: i should have listened to you
KingJuave: I even got a vaporizer
big juave: NO SHIT?!
KingJuave: guess who goes back to the trusty blunt time and time again
KingJuave: man
big juave: lol ha ha
KingJuave: vaporizer is hype if you dont get the right one
KingJuave: and
KingJuave: you know how we talk about “dont surprise me”
KingJuave: yea this was an example of that
KingJuave: cuz now
KingJuave: i have to go out and get one that is good
KingJuave: like im forced to now
KingJuave: anyay ill explain that later
big juave: LOL i know how that goes
big juave: thats what happen with the bluetooths i been going through
KingJuave: lol
big juave: but damn nigga… i cant believe the ive turned my thinking around on the blunt lol
big juave: like i was sitting here smoking one, and thinkin of the progression of me liking blunts more and more
big juave: and then all i kept hearing in my head was ALL The shit youve ever told me
big juave: all the debates n shit
big juave: i feel even stupider now…
KingJuave: LAMO
big juave: because im thinking like damn….
big juave: i should have taken my OWN advice
big juave: i been trying to tell everybody that JD was the truth and the light all this time…
big juave: but here i go… not listening to the nigga?
big juave: sigh… im an idiot
big juave: how could i have ever questioned the truth and the light?
big juave: you should see me shaking my head at my self
KingJuave: WELL
KingJuave: i only insist on things if i know im right
KingJuave: lol
KingJuave: and i care about the person
KingJuave: I didnt want you missing out
big juave: i can be the champ all day long… only to be trumped by the king, time and time again
KingJuave: actaully you know what it was, and how i could see it from your perspective
KingJuave: you thought it was too damn ghetto for you
big juave: thats why youre the king, and im just the champ
KingJuave: see now here this nigga go turning the convo into hype
big juave: the champ takes L’s from time to time, but bounces back…
big juave: i mean … look at you even saying nigga i told you so…
big juave: who does that to the champ?!?!?!?
KingJuave: man
KingJuave: JD does it to OJ
KingJuave: and OJ does that to JD
KingJuave: gotdamn it
big juave: but youre never wrong…
KingJuave: nigga feels like you walked up to me to shake my hand, then pulled out a hype gun on me
big juave: i have to resend my arguments half the time
big juave: like im doing now!!!!!!
big juave: the only thing im ever right about… is how much YOURE right
KingJuave: GMAO!@
KingJuave: HAYSOOSE!
big juave: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
big juave: lmao holy shit…
big juave: i hope youre laughing harder than me right now lmao
big juave: that was pretty fucking gutty lmao
big juave: ooooo shit
big juave: that put a stop to my whole hype train lol
big juave: i feel like my hype imploded on its self…
KingJuave: nah nigga, your hype as perfectly set up, and executed i walked right into it
big juave: yes you did nigga
big juave: i wanted to keep going but gotdammit
big juave: nigga i was thinking about that shit as i was smoking the blunt i was just smoking…
big juave: like damn… i really like smoking blunts now… jd was right.
big juave: then it mutated into a cold set up lol
big juave: im surprised you didnt see it coming lol
KingJuave: i didnt
KingJuave: i just figured you finally saw the light of what i was telling you
big juave: damn that was the guts lmao
KingJuave: i thougth you was accepting truh
KingJuave: not following it up with hype
big juave: i really did
big juave: lol and i really did that too lol
KingJuave: it was like, “ill accept your truth, however, YOU GONNA ACCEPT THIS!”
KingJuave: like you was getting back at me for being right
big juave: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hopefully, those that understood what just happen here laughed as hard as we did. this was too funny not to post.


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