Uhmah Park

I typed and retyped the title of this like 8 or 9 times, thinking that some how some way some asshole would think that some how skillz and murs did an album together. As dope as that would be. Thats not whats going on here. I was trying to come up with a snazzy title that reflected that sentiment, but I had to be honest with myself about how much I really cared about any possible mass confusion the title may or may not cause in the end. Very little.

So I was sitting here and decided to give two albums a quick listen. First Skillz – The Million Dollar Backpack.

Was this a million dollar album? Unfortunately, it was not. And I do convey that news with an extremly heavy heart. Im not saying it sucked. Im just saying a nigga like myself was bored. There were maybe 3 tracks on the whole shit I would want to play again. I couldnt see this album growing on me none what so ever. For Skillz, I’d try. But Im pretty sure Im cool on this album. I dont know, maybe it was too jazzy. Im not a laid back hiphopper so much. Or maybe he was talking about females like every gotdamn track. Im used to Skillz murdering beats. I do understand niggas need to be on other shit. But damn. I loved his first album. That shit was bangin. I actually PURCHASED that shit. That was way way back in the day though lol.
Anyway… maybe I dont know what im talking about. But this album was definitely mostly boring except for like 3 tracks. Id name them, but fuck it, you can find out for your self and form your own opinion. This is just what I think.

Next Up: Murs & 9th Wonder: Sweet Lord

This album is free for download at http://www.mursand9thwonder.com/
Sigh, after watching the video on site I almost feel bad about saying I dont like this album. Especially since it was free lol. I guess this would be the perfect time for which ever asshole to be like well you get what you pay for. But fuck that. That aint what this is about. This is really just my opinion. Rather I got it free, or free lol. The album would have been great. But clearly this nigga is in love or something. I dont know what the fuck is going on. Are more mature rappers getting married or super smitten these days? I wouldnt care what my relationship or love status was. I cant sit through a whole bunch of rap songs about some girl. I really liked Ms Phat Booty and that shit got old quick. I need love got old quick. Its just not me. It might be some other people that aint me, and thats fantastic.
You should download this album, you will really like it, if thats you. As for me. I listened to the track listing backwards regrettably, because everything I wanted to listen to was in the front of the shit. Dah well.
Im cool on this joint too. Hopefully the upcoming album will be better.


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