Uhmah Park

the other day i was sleep and like poped a rib out of place or some shit… i was in pain all day. and this aim convo i had with kkarma doesnt really have all that much to do with that … but yea… it kinda does.
gutty none the less….

OJ : i think i pulled a muscle in my sleep
Kkarma : weird
OJ : … no… PAINFUL!
Kkarma : what were you dreaming
OJ : fuck if i know
Kkarma : boxin in your sleep
OJ : lol
OJ : yea i had a dream i was a Wrestler
OJ : i wrestled in jordans vinyl speedos and a leather vest
OJ : and my name was Meano Mandingo
OJ : and my speciallty move was ” the black mans revenge ”
OJ : but i would only do it on white wrestlers
Kkarma : hell naw
Kkarma : lolololol
OJ : if it was anybody else… it would be the gurilla funk
Kkarma : STOP
OJ : i also had a move i did called my pimp hand is way strong… where i reach all the way up and back hand the fuck out of my oppenents… and yell… MY PIMP HAND IS WAY STRONG BIIAATCCH!!!
OJ : lol ok im done

lol im bullshiting of course… i did not have a dream that i was a wrassler named Meano Mandingo
all those… mad at the name ” Meano Mandingo ” please direct your comments to Carmen. its all her fault, with her ” mandingo ________ ” im’s lol

lol i can see that shit now… a big black ass wrassler named meano mandingo… with a zulu sheild n shit lol and a spear… with a kente patern vest n shit… and some bullshit ass african patern speedos.. kickin ass in the WWE lol… rollin out the ring… grabbin his spear and goin up side muhfuckas heads lol… using the sheild to protect him from gettin hit with metal chairs n shit lmao… doin a lil tribal dance before he does his speciallty move lmao… that shit would be the fucking guts… he would be the hero of every young Black male in america lol. scaring the fuck out of suburian middle class white parents when lil robby runs up to his mommy kate on some… ” MOMMY!! I WANT TO GROW UP AND BE A STRONG MANDINGO WARRIOR LIKE MEANO MANDINGO! ”
holy shit…
im my own best entertaintment sometime.


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