Uhmah Park


AIG Exec’s Makes Obamas Personal Shit List

Recently it was reported that AIG rewarded $165 Million dollars in bonuses to deriviative traders. Some of the people who did a poor job, at their job and killed the company. Earlier today the President expressed his outrage and managed to slip in a joke lol.

I wonder how these guys feel to hear the president say that he is gonna have his people come after the money you JUST came up on? The millions of dollars wernt split evenly between all the exec’s some got as little as a few thousand dollars. Which does of course mean, a few got millions. Aint that about a bitch? Not only that, but all this was arranged BEFORE Obama was even elected! Which means somebody let this slide through a long time ago.

But if I were these guys, Id just hand that money straight back over. Not only will it make you all look better. But soon some out of control uber patriot is gonna be knocking at one of these dudes doors asking for his cheese back. They already beefed up security. I hope they use some of that bouns money for some sort of protection at home. AIG cant afford it lol.