Uhmah Park

man… please somebody tell me i wasnt the only nigga who saw this shit:

yesterday i was watchin the NFL highlights like i always do…

im sittin here workin… and i here the sports guy go:

former UCLA Bruin (sp) somebody Mitchell Caught his first NFL pass today… from donvan mc-nabb from the 14 yard line… yap yap yap…

i look over soon as he said “former ucla” and i see McNabb sling tha ball over to this man… it was really a good ass catch… he had somebody trying to deny him the ball and they was all on his back… the pass was kinda low… so he dove down for it… along with the oppistion… and he makes a great diving catch in the end zone for the touch down… by the side line….. so im lookin like… oh… good shit….

somebody please tell me WHY this muthafucka GETS UP hella smooth from tha catch… hella smooth and quick… just kinda rolled and poped up… and start fuckin Crip walkin on dude!!! ( tha muhfucka on tha other team that was tryin to deny him the ball )

MAN! i couldnt believe that shit!!

he was holdin up the ball n shit and got his C walk on… all while dude was pickin his self up off the damn ground… nigga was holding tha ball up n shit…

only thing i could say to self about that shit was HELL NAW!

team started celerbartin wit him n shit… but they was like jumpin up and down celerbrating… while this nigga was gettin his crip walk on… they basiclly didnt know how to do that shit… so all they could do was look hype while he broke it down lol

man that shit was funny as fuck.

i need to find somebody else who seent that shit