Uhmah Park

This is old footage I took outside of the Prime Time Uncensored Studios during a taping of “The Platform”. The homies Gajah and Olmeca (Acid Reign) were the guest during this shows taping and during one of the breaks we were outside in the back smokin and a freestyle session broke out. A real freestyle session, straight off the top. This shit was great. Gajah and Olmeca both killed it. I dont know who that other dude was, who jumped in the cipher and got his lip fumble on. I said I’d take him out. I didnt say how much lol.

Shout out to the homie Theo who I totally forgot was there lol.

I’ve actually forgotten alot about Prime Time Uncensored some how. Im going to tell that story one day. I have soooooo much footage. I basically filmed it all. I did damn near every thing up there lol. That project fucked my whole life up, almost completely and all the way. But fuck it. I learned alot. A ton in fact. Im going to start posting highlights of some of the shows. Despite having my life fucked up, I had some pretty good times doing this.

The Platform in particular. DJ Hectik would put together the bombest fucking mixes. Thats what was going on when we filmed this.