Uhmah Park

as i walk around… i notice shit…

and one of the things ive been noticing lately is that niggas ( dudes ) are wearing alot of accessories these days.

headbands, wristbands, bracelets, bandaids where they have no scares ( had to ask this nigga sittin next to me in class… dude was like… aww nothin i just put it on ), reciver gloves.. niggas dont play football or have any intentions on doin so , and just all kinda extra shit to put on.

you know… like little girls…. how little girls try to wear everything they have n shit? a ganga braclets and necklaces… and anything that will fit on they body. for what purpose? i have no clue. but they do tha shit like its tha thing to do. so do niggas these days.

and im really wonderin what tha fuck is goin on… niggas even be wearin FAKE ASS chains… that shit is terrible… everybody can see that shit is di-cast metal…. You not even impressin tha next nigga wit tha same shit on. Niggas chains be heavy as fuck… like they used to tie the bike to tha rack wit that same shit in jr high… but they took some polish to tha shit now they rock it. i mean damn. but to make tha murder complete ( as in to just kill tha whole shit ) they have crosses on… and DO NOT go to church at all. niggas dont even really be christain… but no… homie… why is your cross so light? is it PLASTIC??!?! hold up… those arent diamonds!!! you dont set diamonds in fuckin plastic! or even if that bullshit is di-cast metal… you dont do that shit. man… those are rhine stones man!

lol what really be goin thru niggas minds? EVERYBODY knows your whole bling set came from tha back of the source.. and you didnt spend more than 30 bucks for tha shit lol

wheres tha effort? damn!

niggas be on some shit….

if jay z came out on his next video wearin a dress.. im confident that at least 2 months afterwards… muhfuckas would have already spent they whole check on a oscar de la renta… or just be like fuck it and wait for tha swapmeet to make a knockoff version.

muhfuckas just fuckin suck these days.